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Convertible bias: AFA trades in Ford, eyeing GM

by Jeremy Hooper

Remember a few weeks back when, after a two year period, the obsessively anti-gay folks at the American Family Association up and ended their Ford boycott amidst vague claims that they'd gained some sort of unspecified ground with the automaker? And do you recall how Ford repeatedly denied that the AFA had scored any victories, with the company instead suggesting that the "pro-family" group had simply made a choice to put the brakes on their queer-hostile endeavor? And remember how when those of us on the pro-gay side tried to get the AFA to explain themselves in the face of Ford's public declarations, yet only got more runaround and more ambiguous claims of "victory"?

Yea, well, get ready to let that whole fun process begin anew. For the AFA has now moved on from Ford altogether, picking a new car-making target at whom to cast their gay-antipathetic stones:

Picture 6-120

::sigh:: What the hell gives these folks the right to go apeshit simply because a company dares to advertise to the LGBT community?! Good God of fringe extremism, why cannot they not at least accept that we are "sinners" with a degree of disposable income, some of which we like to put towards cars?! We know they think we're barreling down the Highway to Hades. Fine. Let them think that. But can't they at least respect the right of an automaker to try and sell us a car whose climate control features will help us brave the unbearably hot Lake of Fire?

Honestly, these AFA kids are more myopic in their focus than a used car salesman who just learned he has 100 dollars in the bank and twins on the way! And unlike that dude, who just wants to want to rip some people off so he can feed his lil' babies, the AFA has no greater motive for their actions than baldfaced, dehumanizing bias. It's absolutely disgusting.

Stand strong, GM.

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Your thoughts

Just this morning on the news I heard that Mississippi ranks 50th in the latest list of "Most Livable States" (and has for 9 of the past 10 years).

Of course, that begs the question: Did Wildmon and the AFA contribute to that embarrassing rating or did the unlivable condition of that state give rise to Wildmon and the AFA?

Either way, I'm sure their boycott of General Motors will be a smashing success.


Posted by: dave b | Mar 28, 2008 10:08:09 AM

"GM is blocking our emails"

Can you blame them?

Posted by: IanC | Mar 28, 2008 12:31:02 PM

Responding to db's comment: The March 22-28 issue of The Economist magazine has an article titled "The Science of Religion." http://www.economist.com/science/displaystory.cfm?story_id=10875666 One small blurb from it is this:

"Dr Wilson himself has studied the relationship between social insecurity and religious fervour, and discovered that, regardless of the religion in question, it is the least secure societies that tend to be most fundamentalist."

Posted by: Richard Rush | Mar 28, 2008 12:39:22 PM


Don't they know that Adam and Steve is a movie that ran on Logo, not a "program"? Rick and Steve is a logo program.


Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Mar 28, 2008 3:35:34 PM

Well Timothy, you'll also notice that they call it "Steve & Adam" at one point.

But it should be noted that they are, in fact, referring to the movie not the "Rick & Steve" show.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 28, 2008 3:42:21 PM

Richard R -

An interesting article - I think you might be on to something.


Posted by: dave b | Mar 28, 2008 5:10:07 PM

I worked for one of GM's agency buying media for several years. The AFA gets a voice which is widely regarded as a pain in the ass that they have to deal with. They are like a bad cold that crops up occassionally. The best way to deal with their onslaught is for our community - probably through orgs such as HRC and others to send a note or emails of encouragement to GM's marketing department. As longtime admirers of companies like GM which choose to advertise their goods to our community, we must show our support through our abilities to communicate and through our concern for their ongoing marketing success to the LGBT community at large.

Posted by: myfirstammendment | Mar 30, 2008 12:50:07 PM

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