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Dobson sees his movement is dwindling; doesn't join us in thanking the Lord for that

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images Dobneg-1James Dobson, a man who for the past few decades has been a key player in emboldening the idea that gays and liberals are brainwashed hippies with an anti-family agenda, is all sorts of concerned about who's going to carry the progressive policy-torching torch now that prominent religious right voices are graying and parting.  This week he asked of society:

"Who will be left to carry the banner when this generation of leaders is gone?" Dr. Dobson asked. "The question is, will the younger generation heed the call? Who will defend the unborn child in the years to come? Who will plead for the Terri Schiavos of the world? Who's going to fight for the institution of marriage, which is on the ropes today?"

We answer:

"Oh James, there are certainly going to be millions of people for whom your movement's divisive rhetoric, polarizing viewpoints, and myopic ideas will still ring true.  Your side has been far too active and your message far too pervasive for that to just die off within a few years time.  But the questions you should really be asking are: Has your life's work has truly been as righteous as you think it have, or if those of us who have been begging you to stop the demonization have been right all along?  Is the reason you have these fears because the culture is getting more "corruptive" and people are becoming more "immoral," or is because you know people are starting to catch on to the disingenuous campaigns that have defined your team?  Deep down do you know within your heart that ideas like "protecting marriage" have always been hollow campaigns, the likes of which will inevitably have an expiration date?  And is your true worry that once more and more is revealed about your side's ways and means, that history will become less kind to the legacy of groups like Focus on the Family with every passing year?

We're not going to make definitive statements about your fears, James.  But we can not help but think that within you are some of the above fears.  And we think this mainly because on our side we have nothing but hope.  The realization that equality always triumphs over discrimination is what had gotten through these very tough past few years.  The fact that incoming generations have been raised to be more tolerant keeps us motivated.  And the knowledge that with growing gay visibility comes gay understanding has provided us with near certainty that the gay rights movement simply cannot fail in their quest for evenhandedness.  Because when you are fighting for the greater good, your crystal ball always looks bright regardless of any current darkness.

So seriously, Dr. Dobson: Rather than just rally your team, we think you need to ask yourself WHY the religious right movement that has shaped American politics for the decades is so quickly going the way of Reaganomics?  Could it maybe be that the way you all shaped the body politic was ALWAYS detrimental, but just like with so many other accepted-before-shunned historical missteps, it took us longer than it should have to rise up and demand better?

Dr. Dobson Exhorts Christian Broadcasters to Answer the Call [CitizenLink]

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Oh, Dobson... go focus on your own family. Mine doesn't need your help.

Posted by: Ravvie | Mar 13, 2008 3:34:10 PM

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