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Dr. James Davis: Recruiting teachers or recruiting bias?

by Jeremy Hooper

Note to everyone: If you work for a public school system, it is probably not the best idea to go to an LGBT site and post an anti-gay condemnation using your work email address. You know, condemnations like this one that we received over the weekend:

Picture 1-157

According to the email address (further supported by the locale of the IP), that comment comes courtesy of one Dr. James Davis. The same Dr. James Davis who serves as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for the McKinney Independent School District of McKinney, TX:

Picture 2-133

This is a man whose listed responsibilities include the hiring and proper implementation of employment policies within the school district. And this is a school district whose mission statement explicitly mentions that "every person deserves to be valued and respected" and that " diversity strengthens our community and enriches our schools." And yet he seemingly feels it's kosher to public associate with comments that liken gayness to an addiction or an unnatural disease?! Somehow we don't think that mentality bodes well for any potential teacher who might causally mention their partner, or who may ask Mr. Davis if he enjoyed last night's episode of "The L Word"!

Now, has Mr. Davis done anything unlawful by choosing to use his work email addy to make such a hostile comment on our site? Of course not. But he does seem to have performed an action that can and SHOULD be associated with his work. Unless the victim of some bizarre, pointless prank, Mr. Davis deliberately chose to identify himself with his work email address, with him posting it not only in the optional email address field, but also in the body of his comment. And since he apparently feels a responsibility as an anti-gay American to make both his job and his bias known, we feel it our responsibility as proudly gay Americans to facilitate his publicity-seeking endeavors. After all, McKinney, TX gays do have a right to know what factors might be behind the hiring of their children's teachers.

Dr. James Davis [Mckinney Human Resource Department]
**Comment can be found on this post: New 'ex-gay' message: If your HIV is acting up, you're not praying hard enough [G-A-Y]

**UPDATE: Some people at the McKinney Independent School District are now threatening us. And, of course, they also claim that Dr. Davis did not make the comment himself:

Oh, no, no, no, no, no! [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

Can you say "GAY FACE"??? If the man is single, I'd be watching out for Mark Foley antics. Married or not, mark my word he's "struggling" with this "illness/sickness" that he speaks of - you know how pedophiles and closet cases project like that. He's the expert.

I say "report him" to the school district - mainly because he's talking as if he's speaking for the school itself.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 3, 2008 10:20:20 AM

OK G-A-Y, I sent the MISD a little message, including:

"Is Mr. Davis a single man? If so, you may possibly have a Mark Foley on your hands."

Posted by: Scott | Mar 3, 2008 10:30:15 AM

Oh yeah James. Being bias is neither natural nor right. Your ignorance is beyond pathetic. You work for a school district that encourages diversity and yet you are not open-minded enough to accept other people's differences such as same-sex attractions. Oh the irony of it all.

This guy should go back to school and learn about gay people and that they are just as normal as straight people except the fact that they are attracted to people of the same gender as themselves and deserve the same rights as every other straight person in this world. It was never a sickness, never a disease, never a freakin choice, and he's the one who needs the freakin help. If he actually stepped out of his bubble perfect world for once in his life, he would have found that out and not be an entry on my favorite blog.

Posted by: Sam | Mar 3, 2008 11:02:26 AM

Well that was just...stooopid. Apparently the impact that the internet can have has yet to get through to everyone in McKinney, TX. Never, ever post controversial comments using your full name and email address -- especially if you are at work. Moron.

Posted by: John | Mar 3, 2008 11:47:19 AM

Get that creep away from the kids NOW. He's a misfit from an era we are moving out of. His mentality is the kind that sets a stage for another Lawrence King tragedy. He struts through life wrapped in a flag and banging a bible with a heart so filled with hate he will poison anyone near him. VILE excuse for a man.

Posted by: Yarapa | Mar 3, 2008 4:47:03 PM

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