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Feisty Box Turtle refuses to let go

by Jeremy Hooper

200803040943-1-1Remember how Focus on the Family's Glenn Stanton was representing the field of anthropology in a way that made it seem irrefutably gay-exclusive? Yea, well, Box Turtle Bulletin has stuck on that case like a horny dog on a fire hydrant-colored, Purina-covered pants leg. And as part of those on-going attempts to hold Stanton's feet to the fire, the feisty mutts have today posted a very in-depth critique of Mr. Stanton's views from actual biological anthropologist Patrick M. Chapman. Check it out at link:

An Anthropologist Critiques Focus on the Family’s “Anthropological” Report on Marriage [BTB]

In coming days, BTB has promised that they'll also post a response from Mr. Stanton himself. Here's hoping he'll fele free to utilize his innate human ability to admit when he is wrong, rather than adhering only to a one-sided mindset that filters true anthropology through a conveniently heterosexist lens.

**UPDATE, 3/27: Glenn Stanton has responded: Glenn T. Stanton Responds to Professor Patrick Chapman [BTB]

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Your thoughts

"Feisty Box Turtle refuses to let go"


Posted by: Daniel Gonzales | Mar 25, 2008 3:03:46 PM

;-) It's true too, Dan. You boys' focus and followup is admirable.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 25, 2008 3:12:10 PM

wow Loved Dr, Chapman's analysis. Probably because it was thoughtfully written, and polite. He made FoF look horrid, although that isn't hard in my opinion.

Posted by: Piper | Mar 26, 2008 3:31:10 AM

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