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Folger: To 'Protect marriage' is to link gays with terrorists

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 32-8Anti-gay battle axe Janet Folger has penned a new piece in which she, following the lead of so many of her fringe-dwelling conservative pals, tries to spin the Sally Kern situation so that it's the gays who look like the militant ones, not the state lawmaker who compared those gays to terrorists. And while there are a predictably large number of twists, misrepresentations, and offensive judgments cast in Folger's commentary, there is one passage that we want to focus on specifically. Of the supposedly widespread support that Sally has for her words that positioned gays as a corruptive voice that will ultimately destroy society, Janet says the following:

Look, the 76 percent of Oklahomans who agreed with Sally when they voted to protect marriage between a man and a woman understand that if the battle to save marriage is lost, we will have lost the foundation of our civilization. That's why Rep. Kern said this agenda is the "biggest threat … that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I think is a big threat."

So what Folger is implying is that by voting against gay marriage, this 76% of Oklahomans automatically agrees with Kern. And the irony is that if this idea is, in fact, true, then the veil that shrouds the right wing's most common anti-marriage equality arguments (that it's not anti-anyone, that it's only about marriage and not against gays, etc.) is finally being lifted.

In her de-humanizing speech, Kern suggested a roll back of gay rights in every way, and painted a demonized portrait of queer life that made it sound as if we gays were a time bomb waiting to explode. And not just to explode the "sanctity of marriage" -- to explode society as a whole! She compared us to terrorists, she positioned our pushes for tolerance as attempts to "indoctrinate," she made us sound sick and diseased, and she unapologetically stated throughout her speech that our "lifestyle" is not equal to that of a heterosexual. If the mentality found within Kern's tirade is fully in line with the "pro-marriage" side's arguments, then every single thing they've said in the past vis-à-vis their "marriage-prteocting" intent is now completely invalidated! Or at the very least, it has just gotten easy for those of us who have always realized the truth behind the anti-gay marriage campaigns to connect the dots of bias for society at large!

Do we think everyone who has voted against gay marriage agrees with Kern? No, not even close! We think there are large swaths of the population who have been duped by the outright lies of the disingenuous "protect marriage" movement. They have been frightened by the misinformation they've been fed, and emboldened by the false idea that to be anti-gay is to be a loving, compassionate member of the "pro-family" team. And, of course, they have also been told that one cannot be religious and be gay-accepting. In a world where such rhetoric does not exist, we would see a very different portrait of LGBT friendliness. And if many of these who have been duped could only see the full picture as clearly as those of us on the other side can, then many would be downright ashamed that they have so blindly gotten behind this discrimination!

By willingly making the link between Kern and anti-marriage equality efforts, Ms. Folger is unwittingly helping us to cut through the false doctrine in which she and her "pro-family" pals traffic. And if they truly believe that "gays=terrorism" will receive as much support at referendum as "we must protect marriage in order to protect children," then they need to start saying the former rather than hiding behind the latter!!!

Gays' respect and tolerance [WND]

**SEE ALSO: Alvin McEwen has also taken on Folger

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Your thoughts

I still can't figure out what civilizations have died out because of homosexuality.

Posted by: Steve | Mar 25, 2008 11:29:57 AM

I believe this woman has major psychological problems, just my thought.

Posted by: | Mar 25, 2008 11:30:23 AM

okay the funny thing is that Oklahoma has one of the highest, if not the highest divorce rates outside of Beverly hills. somewhere around 70 percent currently. I don't think they really have a leg to stand on anyway. I live here and I think this is one of the lamest divorce states anywhere. Conversely however they have one of the best divorce and child support systems in the country. There is little to no alimony (a social plus I think), and the state will track you down and garnish your check if you try to avoid paying for your kids, they will also throw you in jail if you try to cheat the system. Because of that there is no fear that divorce will destroy your family so they get the divorce.

Posted by: Tim | Mar 25, 2008 3:40:17 PM

I'm convinced "women" like Janet Folger, Star Parker, and Ann Coulter are all man-hating dykes.

The fact that these 3 "women" parade around saying "women shouldn't have any rights/should be submissive to men", yet they're the ones running around acting like MEN themselves, and doing the opposite of what they're saying women should be doing proves my point.

If "women are meant to be seen, not heard", then why are these dykes talking?

Posted by: Scott | Mar 26, 2008 7:18:21 AM

Don't really appreciate your use of the word Dyke there, Scott.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 27, 2008 7:16:23 PM

Sorry Chris, but "women" like Coulter, Folger and Parker reminds me of "Large Marge", or that one brute lesbian in the movie 'Butch Camp' - pushing around the real women, and acting like men themselves.

Coulter is ancient, is "pro family", but has never been married once, nor has any children. Somebody needs to ask Bill Maher if Ann REALLY has a dick - because there's something wrong with that picture.

Posted by: Scott | Mar 31, 2008 12:50:06 PM

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