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Forrester fire: Wife of NC lawmaker channels her inner Kern

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 5-118State lawmakers sure are making news these days for their anti-gay tirades. First there were the now notorious words of Rep. Sally Kern from Okalahoma. There was also Oregon state Senator Gary George, who referred to gays as perverts. It seems that while conservatism in America seems to be on the decline, many of right-leaning local GOPers are seizing the opportunity to register their queer antipathy into the historical ledger.

Well now comes one not from the local legislator him or herself, but rather their spouse. Matt Comer of Q Notes (and the Interstate Q blog) has informed us Mary Frances Forrester, the wife of North Carolina's Sen. James Forrester (R-Gaston County), has penned a piece for the Christian Action League, wherein she insists that there is, in fact, a "homosexual agenda," and that said agenda is out to destroy children, Christianity, America, gays themselves, and essentially anything that is good in the world. Here's but a brief sample:

My fellow Christians, make no mistake. It is under the guise of tolerance that the homosexual agenda is seeking to change the course of Western Civilization, redefine the family and rob our children of their innocence.
While 78% of Americans profess to be Christians, their defense of this Biblical principal
[sic] of marriage, excepting for few Judeao [sic] -Christian public policy groups, is amazingly indifferent. At the same time, liberal activist judges are changing the moral standards and the cultural direction of our nation for a 3-5% populace.

Read your social history and you will find that most societies that condoned homosexual behavior did not survive past one generation. It was Winston Churchill who said, "The farther you can see into the past, the farther you can see into the future."

In our government of the people, by the people and for the people, 'We the People' attention must be paid to this deterioting
[sic] moral standard for which our children and grandchildren will pay the consequences.

Children corrupted. Morality destroyed. Society left in the dust. Hey Chicken Little and the boy who cried "wolf": If you two dudes ever need help with disseminating a histrionic yet fallacious warning sign, then you certainly know where to turn!

Wife of N.C. state Senator pens hate-filled op-ed [Interstate Q]
The Real Homosexual Agenda [Christian Action League]

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Your thoughts

Forrester: "Read your social history and you will find that most societies that condoned homosexual behavior did not survive past one generation."

I read my social history books and I can't find anything about this. Must be because the gay agenda has been active for millenia keeping the truth undercover.

Posted by: GayMormonBoy | Mar 17, 2008 1:12:35 PM

GMB - Her comment about one generation is nearly identical to that of Sally Kern.

Since original thought is clearly not the hallmark of either person, I wonder who is feeding them that idea.


Posted by: dave b | Mar 17, 2008 1:28:50 PM

When people start throwing around "changing ... for a 3-5% populace" I wish they'd remember the percentage of Jews in America.

(For those who can't count, it's estimated at 1-2%, maybe 3% if you squint.)

The size of the minority has nothing to do with the validity of the "change." If it's the right thing to do, it's right for 1 person or a million.

Posted by: tjc | Mar 17, 2008 7:12:16 PM

The 3-5% number doesn't even count all the people in the closets.

This "history shows that no civilization that embraces homosexuality survives more than a generation" meme seems to be one of the new and improved talking points that the homobigots are resorting to.

I would like to see nationally respected historians stepping forward to debunk this outrageously ignorant statement. We have to start fighting back against these absurd claims by demanding that the experts in various fields of science, history, medicine and anthropology take a stand to debunk the bunk that these homophobes keep spewing unchallenged. That’s what happened recently when the American Anthropological Association did when Focus on the Family released a bogus report that claimed that the overwhelming majority of Anthropologists support traditional marriage as historically and socially superior to all other arrangements. The Focus on the Family writer was caught in an embarrassing smackdown. He rewrote the article and though it was still full of inaccuracies, he had to be much more careful and restrained in his factually inaccurate propaganda campaign.

As far as the Kern/Forrester claim that no civilization has ever survived more than a generation (Forrester) or a couple of decades (Kern) I would suggest that THEY read a history book. Greece survived for hundreds of years with an acceptance of homosexuality until they were conquered by Rome, which also had a level of acceptance of homosexuality. Rome survived quite well for a millennium. I hate to break it to Kern and Forrester but it was shortly after Rome's adoption of Christianity as its state religion that the empire collapsed. Maybe it's Christianity that's the REAL threat to civilization.

Posted by: Zeke | Mar 18, 2008 1:50:43 AM

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