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Hey opposition: Don't draw so much security from your 'blankets'!

by Jeremy Hooper

Want an example of just how fully our opposition fails to see the bigger picture? Well check out the following comments, which were made in anticipation of the oral marriage arguments that the California Supreme Court will begin hearing tomorrow:

The folks who want to redefine marriage will not give up, and they will continue to push,” said Andrew Pugno, chief counsel for the Proposition 22 legal defense fund. “The only way to protect marriage permanently is to amend the state constitution so that (it) is not subject to the whims of judges.”
A victory for traditional marriage in California will throw a big, wet blanket on the nationwide push for same-sex 'marriage,' " Pugno said.

200803031906-1And that really is how they see us, isn't it? They see us as a rights-seeking wildfire that will only be controlled by an equality-stifling wet blanket. They simply don't realize (or at least won't admit) that now that the concept of marriage equality has scratched our brains, there is no cure, antidote, firewall, levee, or moat that is going to stop our train of progress! Progress, by its very nature, progresses. And when you look at virtually any set of data with any semblance of reality, you will see that gay acceptance is only growing within younger ranks. So even if they do achieve biased measures that write discrimination into our nation's most precious governing documents, all this will do is further seal their places within the annals of unfortunate civil rights missteps!

Look, we're not going to ever just step aside and say, "Oh shit, you all were able to convince a majority that they have a right to deny us freedom, so we're just gonna fold!" That's because unlike with our opposition, this is not a mere socio-policitcal issue with us. It is OUR LIFE we are talking about!

Marriage on Trial Before the California Supreme Court [CitizenLink]

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