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Hey Sally: Parts left on cutting room floor are equally as nasty!

by Jeremy Hooper

200803250901Despite the fact that both a written an audio version of Sally Kern's full anti-gay speech have been revealed online, Peter LaBarbera is STILL trying to work the tired idea that the Oklahoma Rep. was somehow the victim of unfair editing. One News Now presents Pete's feelings like so:

According to LaBarbera, those attacking Kern did some "careful editing" to a secretly recorded copy of her speech.

"For example, they left out the part where she says, 'The book that I base my life upon is God's Word, and it says to love everybody -- and I try to love everybody, but not everybody's lifestyle is equal.' Well," he continues, "they just started with the part where it says 'not everybody's lifestyle is equal.' They didn't want to have Sally Kern on tape saying that she loves everybody."

So wait, because she gives lip service to the idea of loving everybody right before making her points about how certain people's lives and loves are unequal, we're supposed to think her a good person?! The part that Pete quotes is sandwiched right between two different condemnations of gay activist Tim Gill and his stealth "agenda." Sally's whole gist in this portion of the speech is that to encourage a world that is more even-handed in its treatment of gay people is to be evil and insidious. And that's all supposed to be negated because she uses a convenient "God loves everybody" line in order to help herself sleep better at night?! We don't think so!

Did the folks at the Victory Fund highlight the most pertinent part of the speech when the made the initial posting of the audio recording? Absolutely! The full speech is almost half an hour, and far fewer people would've been motivated enough to muddle through the whole thing. But "unfair editing" does not involve highlighting one specific portion of a wholly queer-hostile speech! "Unfair editing" would be if they used portions of other speeches, dubbed in stronger condemnations, or pasted certain portions together to make a certain point. Unfortunately for Sally, her bias speaks for itself.

The need for our side to lead the witness was nil. The need for Sally to self-edit is the real issue here!

'Gay hate campaign' targets Okla. lawmaker [ONN]

**Listen to the full audio from the speech:

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Your thoughts

This is a lot like when people start sentences with "I'm not racist, but..". You can say you love everyone, but when you make comments like she did, it completely goes against it. I really still haven't figured out what the gay agenda is..

Gay Agenda - Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
9:00am - make breakfast for partner
10:30 - take kittycats to be groomed
11:45 - go to the playground and make schoolchildren watch the latest Sean Cody videos.
3:00 - Mani and Pedi
5:30 - sushi with Gina
8:00 - American Idol
11:30 - Public bathroom orgy

Posted by: Steve | Mar 25, 2008 9:51:56 AM

Peter is desperate if the best he can cite is that the editing left out "The book that I base my life upon is God's Word, and it says to love everybody -- and I try to love everybody."

These people think they can legitimize their bigotry if they just declare themselves to be loving while quoting their holy book (and then stick their fingers in their ears and say "La La La La, I can't hear you").

And by the way, my Gay Agenda for today is to drive 130 miles so I can take my fundamentalist Christian mother to the doctor.

Posted by: Richard Rush | Mar 25, 2008 10:57:45 AM

Ok, the quoted portion does not say that she loves everyone, it says she tries to. So how can Peter LaBarbera say that the "unfair editing" is the result of editors not wanting to have Sally Kern on tape saying that she loves anyone. Sorry dude, thats just not what she said.

Posted by: Miranda | Mar 25, 2008 2:32:32 PM

Miranda: The most telling part of all of this is that even though both the full audio and the full written transcript are readily available, folks like Peter refuse to actually link to them. They are instead telling us she was quoted "out of context" or that the editing is unfair, because their whole movement is based on skewing information in their direction. It's the same reason why their sites rarely allow for reader comments.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 25, 2008 2:40:07 PM

Did you miss your own Easter church service this year? Well, by clicking on this link (http://www.kfor.com/Global/category.asp?C=22780) you can make up for that loss by listening to Oklahoma's Rep. Sally Kern, district 84, give her own Sunday sermon.

This March 23 local program on Oklahoma City's channel 4, KFOR, was billed as a debate between Rep. Sally Kern and Dr. Rev. Scott Jones of Cathedral of Hope in Oklahoma City. But thanks to the connivance of moderator-in-name-only Kevin Ogle, Kern was allowed to control the conversation by talking over and louder than anyone else at the table.

Her "discussion" in the form of a monologue centered on, what else, her bible's version of what is or is not sinful and the usual steam-tray of cafeteria-style pick-and-choose bible verses.

Until the issue of LGBT equality moves beyond dueling bible verses and slinging death-ray one liners about who has the superior scholarship, there will be little progress made in obtaining under civil law the rights and benefits for which LGBT citizens are paying taxes.

I'm not interested in blocking anyone's free speech opportunities, whether that be in the public square or the private sanctuary. But I am VERY interested in getting what is due to me and my LGBT friends which is full recognition of the birthright of living in this country--free and open access to all federal, state, and local benefits, rights, and privileges, without questioning our sexual orientation or gender presentation, bar none.

To go back into the closet is unthinkable and would return the playing field to those who are alarmed that we LGBT people are running for public office, participating in the democratic process, and winning elections both local and statewide all across the country.

The 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision was our Declaration of Independence--our private lives can no longer be used to intimidate us with threats of public exposure, arrest, and monetary fines.

With Lawrence we regained our humanity and self-esteem but there are many people who would deny the validity of the Supreme Court.

We must understand that those who oppose our full participation in the country's social network do not care for our equality; they've never learned to share, they don't play by the same rules. I think we're not absorbing this fact into our strategies.

We must act persistently, always legally, and at the same time, forcefully in the public courts, the public square, and our social circles to demand that our citizenship is recognized as an integral part of our country's past, present, and future.

Posted by: James Nimmo | Mar 25, 2008 9:30:20 PM

Peter should know all about "unfair editing". Ask him about his enouraging drunk people to do sexual acts in public, so he can film it, bring it home, watch it, masturbate to it, and then edit out all of the boring stuff, so he can present it as some "homosexual agenda".

Posted by: Scott | Mar 26, 2008 7:23:54 AM


Posted by: Scott | Mar 26, 2008 7:24:20 AM

Everybody has an AGENDA. If being a Christian and making babies and having grandchildren were as hated and villified as being gay is, you can bet Sally's (and the majority of my family's) AGENDA would be very similar to gay peoples'. Nobody wants their livelihood and identity to be hated and thus put them at a disadvantage in terms of equal treatment under the law of a supposedly free country. Christians have simply forgotton what a lion's mouth feels like.

Posted by: Larry | Mar 26, 2008 2:15:54 PM

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