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Peter ponders Charlie's peter placement

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 8-81If Florida governor and possible VP candidate Charlie Crist (pic.) is into dudes, then he owes it to Republicans to let his man-loving ways known. Or so says our old poker buddy Peter LaBarbera, who writes the following on his Americans For Truth site:

Too many politicians with a homosexual problem are hiding this “special interest” from the voters; they should run as openly homosexual Republicans (or Democrats) so we can avoid post-election surprises like the pathetic Gov. Jim (”I’m a gay American”) McGreevey scandal in New Jersey.
Based on what’s already out there, if Crist were to be chosen, it would only be a matter of days — make that hours — before there would be national political and media speculation about his “sexual orientation.” You won’t believe the amount that’s already been written and discussed in the media about Crist’s sexuality and related issues in the homosexual and liberal press.

In our view, that’s a reason right off the bat not to consider Gov. Crist for the highly visible and important position. But the biggest reason is that Gov. Crist is weak on protecting marriage as between a man and a woman, having straddled the fence on whether and how strongly he would support the Florida Marriage Amendment that will be on the state’s ballot this November after much hard work by pro-family forces.

So essentially Pete thinks Charlie, if gay or bisexual, should out himself just so that he can be thrown to the lions of anti-gay evangelical Christianity. If he already thinks mere discussion of Crist's sexuality is a dealbreaker and thinks that homosexuality is a "problem", then it's not as if he's going to view a gay revelation as a refreshing change of pace for the GOP. No, no -- he wants the possible homosexuality fully disclosed while there's still time to find a Veep who would keep the party's someday-to-be-remembered-as-reprehensible homophobia firmly in place for a just a wee bit longer.

And then of course a gay disclosure would also make Crist vulnerable to scrutiny from the pro-gay side, who would (rightfully) be upset about the hypocrisy of even CONSIDERING supporting a marriage amendment (while he doesn't outright support an amendment, he does oppose marriage equality and did sign the petition to put the amendment on the ballot). So for Crist, an affirmative on his queer orientation would certainly be a bi-political orgy waiting to happen.

But as for us, we're not going to speculate. While you can't help but acknowledge that this speculation is plying out, digging for the facts behind one's bedroom activity is not what we do. And we're certainly not going to do something bizarrely compulsive like this:

We called the Florida Governor’s office to ask if the governor is a homosexual or bisexual, and whether he has ever engaged in homosexual behavior — odd questions, to be sure, but necessary ones in this situation. We did not hear back.

Oh my. What next, Peter -- fact-finding missions at the Governor's mansion?


Honestly, brother. Never again can you call us obsessive!

Florida Media Speculate on Gov. Charlie Crist’s (Bi?)Sexuality [AFT]

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Your thoughts

OH. And MY. And GAWD!!!!!

As a Floridian (left four years ago, still keep up), I have to say the rumors have in fact been swirling for years. Still! At least Governor Crist probably will not be stupid enough to find a date in the loo!

Love the graphic. Porno Pete deserves it.

Posted by: Lilo | Mar 28, 2008 1:47:55 PM

I thought this was going to be a nice morning.

"Too many politicians with a homosexual problem are hiding this “special interest” from the voters..."

I think i prefer tosubstitute "homosexual" with "religious" then it speaks much more to what i see as a problem with politics in this country.

Posted by: Patrick B | Mar 28, 2008 2:04:10 PM

LaBabera thinks like so many right-wing homophobes. If someone is gay they don't deserve a job (fire them), they're against God because they are against the modern, non-biblical Western notion of monagamous heterosexual marriage. In essence, they don't care if he's unemployed or dead because there's a rumor he's gay. There is nothing christian about that no matter how they try to spin it nor how many times they repeat it in the media.

Posted by: revtj | Mar 28, 2008 2:15:21 PM

If Crist is gay I'd like him to come out.

But in any case, I'm glad he supports civil unions and refuses to be an anti-gay activist (the real reason LaBarbera doesn't like him). He stopped the party in Florida from funding the anti-gay marriage initiative, even if he did sign it.

I wish he were fully in favor of equality, but if all Republicans were where Charlie Crist is on the issue it would be a much better world.

Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Mar 28, 2008 2:22:45 PM

"with a homosexual problem"

Ah of course, being gay is a problem. It explains so much.


Posted by: IanC | Mar 29, 2008 12:38:59 PM

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