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What'd the AFA win: A straw man, a red herring, or Pinocchio's nose?

by Jeremy Hooper

Yet another "pro-family" group is congratulating the American Family Association on the "successful" termination of their Ford boycott, despite the fact that the automaker has publicly stated that they've submitted to none of the AFA's demands. The Family Research Council, never ones to be bothered by a little thing like a company statement, says the following in a congratulatory pro-AFA blurb:

AFA: Built Ford Tough
After almost three years, our good friends at the American Family Association (AFA) are calling a ceasefire with Ford Motor Company, ending a near three-year boycott that cost the company millions in sales--and even more in consumer goodwill. Based on months of monitoring Ford, AFA Founder Don Wildmon says that the company has made the necessary pro-family concessions.
In recent months, Ford upheld its initial agreement which called for it to stop: giving corporate donations to pro-homosexual organizations, promoting activities like gay pride parades, offering incentives to groups that promote civil unions or same-sex "marriage;" and advertising in pro-gay media. While minor issues still exist, Don believes they can be ironed out. We applaud AFA and all of you who used your dollars to make difference!

So essentially we have a whole slew of grown adults trying to suck on the teat of victory, even though there is nothing for them to milk. They've offered no specifics about what they've "achieved," and they haven't even acknowledged Ford's response. Instead they are trying to turn a cancellation into a "win" so as to justify the over two years of time that they've wasted gunning for a company that was already facing very tough times. They're trying to save face rather than to face facts.

So we again challenge the AFA (or one of their buddies). Put up some evidence! You've been clogging out Inbox with press release after press release regarding every step of this ridiculous boycott. And now you think you can just take your toys and go home amidst cries of victory?! No, no, no -- we don't think so. You not only owe it to us to show your work, but also to your own supporters!

Tell us all what you've "won." Until you do, what you're losing are the last remaining shreds of your organized credibility!

AFA: Built Ford Tough [FRC]

**UPDATE: Yesterday the AFA was running a boycott sotry on their One News Now website. However, that story has now been pulled, with it instead pointing to a press release.

Why was it pulled? Well we can't know for certainty. However, we've been told that on the post, there were scores of comments from people demanding more information.

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Your thoughts

I found it interesting after reading the ONN story about the Ford boycott that many of the readers thought the story did not provide any details in how Ford had capitulated. About halfway through theh day, the story was pulled from the site and I also noticed that they have turned off the abiltiy to leave comments after many of their gay agenda stories were receiving as may dissenting comments as the normal "save us Jesus" type comments that are usually left by the readers.

Posted by: Todd | Mar 12, 2008 12:36:07 PM

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