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AZ lawmakers push less-than-Grand Canon

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday in Arizona, it's highly likely that at least one bully used the word "fag" to hurt a gay person.

Yesterday in Arizona, more than a few gay couples surely experienced the unfairness that comes from having to constantly justify your love.

Yesterday in Arizona, it's probable that a scared lesbian teenager felt a great sense of despair over her feelings that she will never be entitled to the same easy happiness as her heterosexual siblings.

Yesterday in Arizona, it's a certainty that group of adults who should know better made the deliberate choice to embolden the above ugliness, as the state House made the unrighteous, discriminatory choice to advance a proposal that would inscribe a gay marriage ban in to the state's constitution:

State House deals setback to same-sex marriages [Capitol Media Services]

Someday in Arizona, it's an even greater certainty that the sheer idea of this cruel ban will be remembered in the same unfavorable light that has dishonored every civil rights injustice that has preceded it.

Someday in Arizona, the only need any gay person will have to use the words "look, a**hole!" will be to excitedly address the Grand Canyon that they see in the horizon, not to crassly respond to a person who has just callously demonized their life and love!

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Your thoughts

I am continually amazed how you can make yourself go through this day after day... but we are all so glad you do. Keep it up at G-A-Y.

Posted by: LOrion | Apr 23, 2008 4:05:43 PM

I live in Arizona, and a lot of people here are pretty angry about this because this sort of thing was on the ballot two years ago, and we voted NO. I guess the democratic process is only valid if it gives you the outcome certain people want.

Posted by: Lisa | Apr 23, 2008 11:11:48 PM

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