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Because it's just done us all so well!

by Jeremy Hooper

Bushmc-1This from The Washington Times:

McCain won't fight platform on abortion, gays

SANTA ANNA PUEBLO, N.M.— Advisers to Sen. John McCain's presidential bid say he will not try to "soften" the Republican party's platform on abortion and same-sex marriage to appeal to more voters.

McCain associates told The Washington Times that his operatives are not going to work behind the scenes to eliminate the party's calls for constitutional bans on abortion and homosexual marriage before the GOP convention in September.

In a related story, we hear McCain will also keep the Republican party's motto: "If it's so broke that it has dehumanized a people, almost destroyed our international reputation, and divided the country in ways previously unforeseen, don't fix it."

McCain won't fight platform on abortion, gays [Wash Times]

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Your thoughts

It's possible he won't mention it so he can get elected, but his actual policies if he gets in office will be more liberal.

I'm still voting Democrat, though.

Posted by: Chris | Apr 2, 2008 4:39:36 PM

i think mccain wont fight for us and against the platform but he also wont really do anything to enhance the anti-gay platform.


Posted by: Eric | Apr 2, 2008 5:48:34 PM

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