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Calling gays 'gross' and 'satanic': Is that a Maine priority?

by Jeremy Hooper

The Christian Civic League of Maine and its notoriously queer-hostile leader, Mike Heath, have announced that they'll petition to put referendums on the state's 2009 ballot designed to (a) outlaw civil unions and same-sex marriages in the state and (b) overturn a gay nondiscrimination law that was passed in 2005. So what sort of mentality is fueling this cruel push? Well, check out the following for some insight.

In response to the news of Heath's unrighteous endeavor, a local Mainer wrote a letter to the editor of the Morning Sentinel and asked citizens to reject the discriminatory petition But immediately following that citizen's reasoned call for acceptance, a Heath supporter has this to say:

Picture 9-80

Wow! Casual spouting of the words "satanic acts"? Writing off gay love as "Immoral, gross, and sickening"? Misspelling "lesbien" and neglecting to use an apostrophe for the possessive form of "ones"? Come on, Maine -- we KNOW this isn't the sort of mindset you all want to embolden!

Now, that's not to say that everyone who would potentially fight against gay rights is cut from this same mean-spirited cloth. But it is to say that on their side of the "culture war" is a whole heaping pile of unbelievably brutish logic, the likes of which will someday be cast off to the cold depths of unfortunate historical remembrance. And whether you are opposing gay rights because you truly despise gay people or because you have been told that it's the "loving," "godly," "moral," thing to do, you are fostering the biased negativity of people like "Anti Liberal" when you come down on the side of anti-gay social conservatism. As time progresses and this divisive rhetoric is more fully realized for what it is, the line between "nice, 'pro-family' gay rights foe" and "unhinged, militant zealot" is only going to get more fine. The casual acceptance of misguided inequality, on the other hand, is going to be seen as anything but fine!

Look, we're not asking for everyone to be a liberal. We're just asking everyone to be open to the "radical" concept that gay people are human beings. We're asking Mainers to stand up for true righteousness and stand against the idea that gay people are satanic demons hellbent on leading the state toward its ultimate destruction.

Please don't sign Heath's anti-gay petition (comments) [Morning Sentinel]

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Your thoughts

I regard this as good news. I know that sounds wrong, but hear me out. I remember the civil rights movement of the 1960's and I saw the same thing in the late 1960's with regard to race specifically around 3 points:
1) Desperate calls for action regarding the fall of civilization and the end of life as we know it (does anyone hear REM playing the background besides me?),
2) Arguments that seem illogical and mean by the majority of American citizens and only make sense to what could be regarded as a radical few on the ultra conservative side of social policy (take special note of the study done last year that said most young people reject "Christian" attitude toward sexual orientation as mean and as a result are turning away from their religion in droves),
3) Those continuing to hold forth the view of intolerance are more and more being characterized as uneducated (often even only semi literate) and out of step with society at large (see the analysis of G-A-Y of the this story).

I see these as the mileposts of widespread social acceptance of gays and lesibans in American society and political landscape. In one sense these hysterics are right, we are in the endtimes. The endtimes of widespread hate and discrimination; the endtimes of legal discrimination; the endtimes of socially acceptable intolerant attitudes. Will discrimination suddenly end? No, just as there still exists racial discrimiation in this society, BUT...it is no longer socially acceptable to hold those attitudes. And that is what is changing. We are seeing the death throes of socially acceptable intolerance to sexual orientation. Welcome to the celebration.

Posted by: Rabid Poodle | Apr 28, 2008 12:00:03 PM

Agree, Rabid Poodle. Which is exactly why we highlight all this nonsense. It's not to talk sense to those who are NEVER going to come around. It's to connect the dots for those in the middle, and to rally those already on our side.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Apr 28, 2008 12:04:49 PM

Funny how "moral character" also includes referring to GLBT people as "satanic" at the drop of a hat. Good thing I have no friends with this kind of "moral character"!

Posted by: Scott | Apr 28, 2008 1:12:02 PM

fuck you!!!!you blame homosexual acts on satanics we are not involve in such act and ways shall your life and death be slow and painful and i'll see you in HELL!!! becuz your god is not with you he doesnt care about you he has done nothing but kill every soul he wants to take out and it doesnt matters to him if he takes out bad or good he just wants to be entertained by watching people beg,cry,scream,struggle,and also elimate themself for their life just like he did to jesus he made him kill himself and just for the peopls sins after his death the people sin wasnt wasted away or drained out of them it stood and they continue on sinning just like wat your doing so let this be a message and dont blame satanism on any acts we never involve ourselves in becuz the next time it will be a threat!!!!

Posted by: Damien | Dec 20, 2008 4:55:06 PM

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