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It's Janet's world, we just get shunned in it

by Jeremy Hooper

Janet FolgerIn a new piece in which she encourages her far-right-dwelling team to be more proactive in this so-called "culture war," longtime gay rights foe Janet Folger lists ten demands that she thinks should guide her merry band of social conservatives. Here are the two explicitly gay-centric points on Folger's detailed agenda:

3. We demand marriage between a man and a woman remain the only recognized, protected and subsidized union. All counterfeit unions will not to be legally recognized.

8. We demand that any school who puts a minor in harm's way in violation of all 50 state laws by promoting dangerous behavior, including homosexuality and abortion, will automatically lose its public funding.

So for the nation's gay people, Folger wants a world wherein their childhoods are completely devoid of any education on or even acknowledgement of their existence. And not just gay kids -- she also wants the children of gay parents to endure schools wherein their families are not talked about out of fear that doing so would rob the school of its public funding. Then when all those kids grow up, she wants to extend the gay shame parade into adulthood, when the government will tell its citizens that the only sort of love to be respected is that which exists between opposite-sex couples. From birth to death, she wants all of us who disagree with her worldview to simply get-by in a society that shuns us rather than thrive in a world that embraces the full spectrum of humanity. Janet Folger wants an America on which one can cure cancer while negotiating peace in the Middle East in his or her free time, and yet still be placed on a lesser moral pedestal than someone who thinks their shit doesn't stink simply because they say "I'm a Christian!" fifty times an hour.

"Defending values"? "Protecting marriage"? "Fighting for religious freedom"? If our truth was as cruelly discriminatory as Ms. Folger's worldview, then we'd probably use those code words as well!

How to win the culture war [WND]

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Your thoughts

Will this MAN ever shut up about homosex?

Posted by: Scott | Apr 15, 2008 1:09:22 PM

This is not about religious freedom. It's about religious domination in which only their religion is catered to. MY religion is thusly being denied, seeing as I'm a Pagan and the vast majority of us believe that gay marriage is perfectly acceptable and just as beautiful as heterosexual marriage.

I'm sick of their domineering bullshit. Christians like her are the scum of the earth.

What if my religion said bitches like her should be denied their right to marry and reproduce? Could I cry "RELIGIOUS FREEDOM" and have those rights taken from her?

Maybe I'll be revising my religion.

Posted by: Loli | Apr 15, 2008 5:04:14 PM

Loli, have you seen this "woman" in action?


She's hysterical in person, to say the least. Obviously, she's abusing drugs of some sort. Most republicans are addicted to prescription meds, so that's my guess. Bitch NEEDS to switch to weed, it's WAY much better! LOL

Posted by: Scott | Apr 16, 2008 7:35:46 AM

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