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People. Glass houses. Stones. Silence.

by Jeremy Hooper

Dos B1-1We know that the folks on the far-right are opposed to the pro-gay, pro-acceptance Day of Silence because they detest homosexuality and are thoroughly intimidated by the growing tolerance and respect of young people. We get that. However, the hypocrisy in the latest anti-'Silence' diatribe from Matt Barber and his fellow Concerned Women For America is just plain absurd!

Of the day in which students vow a pledge of silence, Barber says the following:

“During DOS, children and teachers are encouraged to disrupt the school day by refusing to speak, in a show of support to self-described ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘bisexual’ and ‘transgender’ students.

Okay, so Matt thinks its disruptive. Fine, he's allowed. So what sort of non-disruptive way does CWA suggest that their ilk show opposition? Well...

...at DOS-participating schools all over the country, parents are joining with dozens of pro-family organizations, such as CWA, in a “Day of Silence Walkout.” They’re keeping their kids home from school on DOS as a show of protest.

CWA additionally urges parents and children to participate in the Alliance Defense Fund’s non-disruptive “Day of Truth,” which will follow DOS on Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, that's right -- they are both encouraging kids to walk out of school during DOS, and then to also hold their own day on the following Monday. And their day isn't simply trying to curb bullying and harassment -- it is literally trying to "change" gays. During their fallaciously monikered "Day of Truth," they are passing out cards and wearing tees that say, "There's freedom to change if you want to." Hell, the science teachers alone are sure to feel slighted by that biological impropriety!

Look, even if you hate both homosexuality and the Day of Silence, can't you see how it might be a tad specious to lash out against a supposed "disruption" when you yourself are promoting both a day of retaliation and a nationwide chain of absences?!? Call us crazy, but we think not being physically present might be a little more counterproductive to education than is silence. And we think telling people that they can "pray away the gay" might be just a wee more insulting than is the message that regardless of religious or political belief, everyone has the right to attend classes without being beaten, insulted, or murdered!

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Your thoughts

Without having seen the actual "There's freedom to change" t-shirts, I think they might be good for LGBT folks to wear. So many "ex-gays" have become ex-ex-gays, for example -- they eventually found their freedom by realizing they could change their perspective and be the gay persons that God intended them to be!

Posted by: David | Apr 22, 2008 4:10:25 PM

There's freedom for Matt Barber to change also. Instead of focusing on men's cracks, cock-gobbling, and assisting an "undercover" gay pornographer (LaBarbera), he could, I don't know....focus on his family?

What's his "scientific" credentials, again - before becoming a concerned woman and a homosexpert? Insurance sales and playing the drums? WOW!

Funny how somebody can become a martyr by abusing his company's blog. Imagine if somebody used their company's website to spread anti-christian rhetoric. You know they'd get into as much trouble as he did, not to mention a mob of pharisees would be stalking the person.

Giving Barber a huge forum is probably the biggest mistake CWFA has ever made - add to the fact he's making them a laughing stock. Maybe he'll be their undoing.

Posted by: Scott | Apr 22, 2008 5:45:11 PM

I'm going to spare you my views of Matt Barber because I want this comment to be taken seriously.

What really winds me up is all this 'pray away the gay' and the 'gay is unnatural' attitude. There are people who are brought up as everyone else and are naturally gay and then have religious idiots show them an unnatural way to be 'normal'.

Which is another word i hate - normal. normality is nothing but a term, of which it's meaning varies depending on who uses it or where it is used. what is normal in the UK is not normal in the USA and what is normal in Spain is not normal in Japan and so on. So who has the right to say what is normal or abnormal? nobody.

Getting back to the issues of sexuality, straight is not normal. Variation is normal. You expect everyone to have different personalities, philosophies and abilities, so why should we expect everyone to have the same sexuality?

Your sexuality is something that you are born with, something natural that is a part of you. everyones sexuality is unique and different. some people are submissive, some like it rough, some find sex a waste of time and some think it is the be-all and end-all of their existance. In the same way some people like the oposite sex, some like the oposite sex a bit more than the same sex, some like both evenly, some like the same sex a bit more, some are only interested in the same sex and some aren't interested in either. With all prejudices, relogions and fronts aside - what is your true sexuality?

There are gay animals, and nature is about as natural as you get right? so who's to say that homo or bisexuality is wrong?

Okay I've said too much already, but not enough at the same time. there are so many poeple with this facist and bigot view that refuse to accept anything other than gay = wrong. Why can't they just get on with their own lives and stop making life harder for those who's lifes are hard enough already. If poeple like Matt Barber want to make a difference to the world and make it a better place, he could start by combatting prejudices, discriminations and social boundaries - not enforcing them.

now you've read and hopefully understood my thoughts, heres my view of Matt Barber - hes a tit.

Posted by: David | May 10, 2008 4:47:54 PM

Lol, David.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 10, 2008 5:36:56 PM

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