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Relax, unmarried, harassed, beaten, unequal gays. Your opponents are simply 'responding'

by Jeremy Hooper

We often wonder if our organized opposition has been listening to their own press so long that they genuinely believe their spin on queer issues, or if they continue to use discrimination-justifying lines that they fully realize are flawed because they know that they sound good. Sometimes we believe that the group-think mentality is strong enough to allow these folks to reason their hostility within their own minds, and other times we think they've just been telling these fibs so long that turning back now would be out of the question. But either way, disingenuity is certainly still the name of their gay rights game.

Picture 4-132For an example, check this out. Responding to a reader who questioned why he is so obsessed with homo-sex, Peter LaBarbera has posted the following explanation to this Americans For Truth site:

Americans For Truth is one of a handful of organizations that are merely responding to the many groups — spending tens of millions dollars more than our side — that have a “single-minded obsession” about PROMOTING homosexuality, which they do not regard as sinful. Do you recommend “unilateral disarmament” from our side in this ‘Culture War’ over homosexuality? Would you judge and condemn us for merely trying to put up a response to the “gay” activist juggernaut that is trying to radically redefine marriage, proselytize children in destructive, pro-homosexualist and gender-confused ideologies, subvert Scriptural teachings against homosexual sin, and deny — like so many flat-earthers — the existence of former homosexuals who have overcome this sin through Jesus Christ?

Also, just because we are trying to defend historic Judeo-Christian morality as it applies to this particular sin does not mean that I and other Christians do not take a daily “inventory” of our own sins and shortcomings. We all “fall short of the glory of God and are justified” — not by our own good works — but “freely by his grace through the redemption” of Jesus Christ (Romans 3:23). I suggest that until you have a good answer as to why people of faith should merely roll over to the Human Rights Campaign, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GenderPAC and the hundreds of other homosexuality-celebrating organizations across the USA, you show us a little grace — or even better, help us in the battle to defend truth on this vexing issue.

Uhm...merely responding, Peter? Well, it's true that you are offering up a response. However, your negative replies are not in reaction to gay activism, but rather in reaction to the simple fact that gay people are part of the spectrum of humanity. The discrimination came first -- people who hold mentalities like your own chose to look upon same-sex loving individuals with scorn. Gay activism only exists because people like yourself have been trying for eons to deny queer people their portion of the humanity pie!

It's not a "single-minded obsession" to stand up for the rights that you are being denied. Those of us who engage in queer activism typically do so because we have felt the pain that can come from being gay. To varying degrees, every LGBT person has experienced some form of harassment, and we enter into the "culture war" that the religious right has declared because we desperately want to end the unnecessary bias that has weakened society for far too long. We want future generations of gay kids to have an easier time than some of us had. We are engaging in action because, quite frankly, we view it as essential to our progress at best, survival at worst. If not for our push back, we're scared of just how far the world's queer adversaries might take their antipathy!

When you look at the world around you and choose to engage in a campaign of bias against a certain group of people, you are not "merely responding." You are CHOOSING to use you CHOSEN religious beliefs to keep certain people viewed and treated as lesser than. And you are doing so with unreasoned information that is unsupported by any sort of science what so ever (We're looking your way, "ex-gay" movement). It's surely easier, Peter, for you and your ilk to tell yourselves that you are doing nothing outside the boundaries of good taste; but those of us who have suffered at the hands of cruel bias know the unfortunate truth. And we will not stop resisting anti-gay activism until you all remove the "in the way that evangelical mindsets see fit" stipulation from the "live and let live" concept!

Should Christians ‘Unilaterally Disarm’ in the Culture War? [AFT]

**Oh, and also -- it's a TOTAL LIE that our side is more well-financed. While we do have some mega-rich players on our side and, groups like Focus on the Family have more wealth than all of our groups combined!

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Your thoughts

Not only does Focus have more money, but they bilk most of it from those feeble minded (and bodied) old farts living on fixed incomes. And then instead of using it for something good, they use it to forward their hate-agenda.

The only good thing about that is that eventually their funding well will dry up.

Dick Mills

Posted by: Dick Mills | Apr 17, 2008 12:21:51 PM

"Do you recommend “unilateral disarmament” from our side in this ‘Culture War’ over homosexuality?"

I can't take it anymore...the war metaphors are driving me up the wall. Unilateral disarmament? For goodness' sake...

Posted by: zortnac | Apr 17, 2008 12:57:46 PM

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