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Video: Dad, you suck

by Jeremy Hooper

This is from a recent sketch comedy show at Stanford University. We thought it was pretty cute:

Gay Dad [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

Dear Jeremy:

You are on the most appropriate trajectory and I would like to share some information to reinforce your thrust.

You may already be aware of this already, but check out:


This site is the Evangelical Environmental Network created by the Rev Jim Bell and Eric Chivian, MD to reflect the new religious ethic that places responsibility for all the Creator’s works squarely on the shoulders of we as humans.

This is an extraordinary movement that promotes a new ethic related to social and environmental responsibility and that reflects spiritual values that are present in all religions.

The National Assocition of Evangelicals

This is the site of Rev Jim Wallis that publishes Sojourners, a Christian newsletter that articulates, in broadly accepting terms, the biblical/ethical call to social and environmental justice. Wallis is the author of “God’s Politics – Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn’t get it”

Also, check out Aikido, a very different kind of martial arts.

The best book is by George Leonard who speaks about the spiritual side of martial arts. . .in effect neutralizing aggression by reciprocating with love. . pretty powerful stuff.

Keep up the good work. . .

Warmest regards,

Carlos Nagel,
Tucson, AZ

Posted by: Carlos Nagel | Apr 17, 2008 1:46:48 AM

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