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Keeping humans vulnerable to harm -- is that really a Gospel message?

by Jeremy Hooper

The Human Rights Campaign has an initiative called Clergy Call, which is designed to mobilize members of the clergy to become advocates for LGBT rights and protections. Focus on the Family, on the other hand, seems to have a mission to keep clergy from rationally reexamining their accepted Biblical condemnations or challenging the biases that have plagued society for far too long. So how does the latter organization respond to the former's call for faith-based acceptance? Well, check out this blurb from FOF's CitizenLink site:

Dr. Michael Brown, director of the Coalition of Conscience, said messing with biblical principles is very dangerous.

“The values it sets forth in terms of male-female relationships (and) God’s order have eternal implications," he said.

Brown said the church needs to bring the Gospel message of hope to the homosexual community.

200805150725Uhm, wait a second -- encouraging non-discrimination is outside the margins of Biblical principle? Protecting human beings from harm is ungodly? Pastors should turn a blind eye to large swaths of humans who realistically, tangibly exist in society? And not only is one who challenges the all-too-common views of the religious community posing a danger to the mortal world, but also to their eternal futures?! ::sigh:: And they wonder why young people are straying from the church.

Well you know what we find dangerous? (1) Playing God and messing with actual human lives in a way that tries to "change" their reality, even when the science and research does not support your claims. (2) Keeping sects of the population vulnerable to the very real threats that they steal face. (4) Fostering an environment wherein some kids will be forced into a state of intense mental anguish because they are told that their birthright has doomed them to a Lake of Fire.

That's just to name a few. And while we would never be so bold as to make predictions about the "eternal implications" of clinging to these hurtful notions, the toil that the short-sightedness wages on the mortal realm is more than enough reason to denounce it resoundingly!

Gay-Activist Group Launches 'Faith-Based' Training [CitizenLink]

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