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Video: Wendy Wright is, in fact, wrong

by Jeremy Hooper

Not only did she, as both Queerty and PageOneQ noted, liken same-sex marriage to polygamy. Concerned Women For America's Wendy Wright also flat-out lied during her appearance on last night's edition of CNN's "Showbiz Tonight." Watch the clip and then we'll get back to you:

Picture 11-74Okay, so Wendy's appearance is predictably filled with far-right spin. But where is the blatant, 100% false untruth? Well go back to the 0:27 mark. The New Jersey "church" that didn't want to allow a same-sex ceremony on its property? Yea, she's not talking about a church. At all. She is talking about the Ocean Grove public boardwalk park pavilion whose controllers have been charged with acting in a discriminatory manner because they've banned gay and lesbian couples from holding civil unions ceremonies on site. Ya see, even though that particular property is owned by the Methodist Church, it has been rented to marrying heterosexual couples for years (regardless of faith). So that was where the contention came in -- that only gay and lesbian couples were being barred from holding ceremonies at the beachfront location. The problem was that the property wanted to enjoy the benefits and subsidization of being public in nature (complete with a tax-exempt status), yet also use their faith as a basis for rejecting certain members of the Jersey public. This is far from the same thing from a church being "forced" to marry a gay couple!!

Of course it just sounds better to say that a "church was sued and lost because it did not want to allow a same-sex ceremony on its property," so that's exactly what Wendy went on national television and said. Basically, she who lays constant claim to the moral high ground lied through her teeth just so she could embolden her baseless claim. She has to know better. She's clearly not a dumb person. It's just that she and her peers have made the choice to eschew fact whenever they get in the way of their talking points, and/or to oversimplify situations that they absolutely know are more complex. And because this particular situation is not common news in the mainstream media, the anchor (and most of the viewing public) don't know to challenge Wendy on the outright deception.

Well Wendy, we're paying attention. And we're confident that if we continue to show how unafraid you and your allies are of letting your noses grow like Pinocchio, it's only a matter of time before the "NOs" grow in opposition to your biased endeavors.

CNN guest compares gay marriage to FLDS sect polygamy [P1Q]

**For everything about the Ocean Grove controversy, see Ocean Grove United.

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Your thoughts

There should be a growing jackpot for the first person who actually supports the one-couples-gay-marriage-damages-society rhetoric with clear and solid reasoning, much like a state lottery that keeps going un-won.

Posted by: zortnac | May 20, 2008 1:14:31 PM

It never ends, does it?

You know, I seriously doubt that any sane same-sex couple who wish to get married would want to have an officiant perform the ceremony who doesn't want to do it. Please. I want a minister or justice who is happy for us when we tie the knot.

Another pet phrase she uses: "Redefine marriage to mean anything it can mean nothing." Utter claptrap. No one has "redefined marriage to mean anything." (First of all, that's a logical contradiction. If something "means anything," then it's inherently undefined, not defined.) We're not redefining marriage, we're clarifying the definition to mean two consenting adults. The inclusion of gender in the equation is inherently sexist.

Frankly, all marriage laws could even be called sexist. If a man has the right to marry a woman, why does a woman not have that exact same right?

Posted by: Jamie | May 20, 2008 1:21:26 PM

I've been to Ocean Grove, NJ, and if you visited you would never know that you were on church owned property if someone didn't tell you or you read it on a sign. It is a very nice town along the Jersey shoreline. But people like Wendy Wrong and all the other Liars for Christ have been characterizing Ocean Grove as some kind of a private church campground.

Posted by: Richard Rush | May 20, 2008 2:31:14 PM

Ironic how Wendy uses polygamy as an example of "redefining marriage" until it means everything/nothing. I'm pretty sure polygamy is a much older form of marriage than Wendy's "one man, one woman" modern definition.

We've realized as a culture over the decades that women aren't property and that polygamy isn't fair to women or society in general. We've "redifined" marriage from what it meant in say, the Old Testament times.

If "redefinition" is so bad for society, and "tradition" should always be upheld when it comes to marriage, perhaps Wendy should be advocating for polygamy and the idea of women as men's property.

Posted by: GayMormonBoy | May 20, 2008 2:53:43 PM

I've always wondered about these church-going Christians who claim that churches will be forced to wed gay and lesbian couples.

I'm only 22, and so it wasn't very long ago that I attended a mainstream Lutheran church. It was understood that not every couple that approached the church with wedding plans would be allowed to marry there. Usually, they had to be members of the church, they had to attend "marriage classes" (whatever those are), interview with the pastor, promise to baptize their children and basically pass a Christian marital fitness test before they could even rent the building in the first place!

It's not uncommon for couples of different religions to be prevented from marrying in one or both of the couple's places of worship because of beliefs that forbid marrying a person of a different faith. This was the situation my aunt and uncle faced, and it's the reason they had to rent a minister to marry them at some country club rather than in a church.

So who are these people who ignorantly claim churches have to marry every couple that approaches them? I mean, have they ever even gone to a church?

Posted by: Katelyn | May 20, 2008 9:13:35 PM

Thank you for sharing that.

Posted by: Perry Hoffman | May 21, 2008 1:29:08 PM

I don't care about any of this, just wanted to say I've wanted to bang that Wendy Wright for a long time. Lesbians are passé — now sexy republicunts in their forties, that's hot.

Posted by: ML | Nov 6, 2008 6:51:45 PM

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