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Dress and tux alone do not a marriage make

by Jeremy Hooper

In protest of tonight's debut of marriage equality in California, one of the Golden State's most queer-hostile crews, the Campaign for Children and Families, is running this photo and caption:

Picture 33-5

But the funny thing? This is clearly a stock photo. It's a pretty safe bet that this is not an actual married couple, but simply two models who were paid to hold this stance. Even if they did marry in this photo, then they could now be divorced. Hell, for all anyone knows, these two could both be themselves gay themselves. However, since the anti-gays tend to operate on a superficial level in which all things hetero-headed automatically equal "good" and all things gay are immoral sinkholes, the CCF feels totally okay throwing up a photo of any random pair and childishly declaring it to be "real." Wholesome imagery and false constructs are the artificial products in which they traffic, with the actuality mattering much less than the appearance.

Well you know what? After tonight, we're going to have SCORES of real, authentic, legal, loving, happy, marriage photos, and each and every one of those portraits are going to feature a couple whose hoo-hahs match one another. We aren't going to need a random stock photo to make our points, because the true-life pictorial will ably tell the story. It will show that regardless of how much our opponents would like to hijack the concept of "real," they do not hold ownership to actuality. It'll show that the spectrum of the world really and truly does feature gay love, the likes of which won't crumble even under the weight of ten billion pictures of smiling heteros enamored with their hetero-goodness!

**CCF's site: Campaign for Children and Families [CCF]

**FYI: This is the same group that recently compared clerks who have to marry gays with Nazi officers who were ordered to "gas the Jews."

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Your thoughts

This truly is a traditional marriage picture that they could have used:


Need I say more?

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 16, 2008 7:20:48 PM

40 minutes and counting!

And just by the way. Butte County... now has a good locus for same sex weddings. You see our County seat, Oroville, is strictly blue-collar with no industry but the Casino now.
Whereas other 'city' here is Chico.... college town!!... FUN! and much more left leaning. So
the Peace and Justice Center here will do them.
CHICO -- Following a decision to end marriage ceremonies at the Butte County Clerk-Recorder's Office, the Chico Peace and Justice Center will offer the civil service for free to same-sex couples.
The ceremonies will be performed by Susan Tchudi, an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and Pastor David Moss of Trinity United Methodist Church in Chico.
Same-sex couples who wish to be married may call the center to schedule a time to talk with either officiant before they make their union legal.
"Pastor Moss and Susan Tchudi would like time in advance to talk with the couple, as they would with a heterosexual couple, to be sure that there is a deep commitment," center executive director Sue Hilderbrand said.
"We're going to just open our doors and see what happens. The board decided to do (the marriage services) for free, but if people want to donate to our operating expenses, that's fine," Hilderbrand told the E-R Friday. "It's a matter of giving us a call and I'll connect people and Tuesday the weddings can begin."
Weddings will be in the Chico Peace and Justice Garden. Reservations may be made by calling 893-9078.
The center is at 526 Broadway.

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 16, 2008 7:24:41 PM

I absolutely hate when these so-called family value groups use photos of racial and ethnic minorities. Like they are giving the illusion that they actually care about non-white people. We know and they know and they know we know, that if given the opportunity they would roll back every bit of civil rights legislation enacted in the last 50 years.

So please, value-voters or culture warriors or Christian soldiers, or whatever the hell you are calling yourselves these days, please don't try to convince anyone that you care about any person of color. Unless those people can clean your homes or mow your lawns for a good price you don't care a flying fig about them.

Posted by: stojef | Jun 16, 2008 8:24:44 PM

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