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But she means 'freak show' in the good, moral, Christian way

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images 200802201058Responding to last week's historic House hearing on transgender discrimination in the workplace, the reliably uncivil Andrea Lafferty has offered the following insensitive thoughts:

Why is the House of Representatives wasting taxpayer dollars to discuss whether or not drag queens or she-males are offended because of their cross-dressing or sexual behaviors in a business environment? I already know the answer: Because liberals like Robert Andrews are aggressively promoting the normalization of cross-dressing and transsexualism in our culture”

"This freak show must come to an end – and the House of Representatives should get back to important issues such as passing legislation to permit drilling for oil on our own sovereign territory and securing our borders from illegal immigration. The House should be passing legislation to protect the parental rights of girls who are driven across state lines for abortions; the House should pass the Broadcaster Freedom Act to protect conservative and religious broadcasters from efforts by liberals to reinstitute the so-called ‘Fairness Doctrine’ – which will censor the airwaves.

“Let’s stop this nonsense of pretending that men who dress like women are normal and should be considered protected minorities under federal law. These are deeply disturbed individuals who need therapy not coddling and affirmation by a liberal majority in the House of Representatives. Rep. Andrews should be embarrassed and ashamed for holding such a useless hearing.

Alright, so anyone who takes such childish glee in pointedly referring to transgender individuals as "drag queens," "she-males," "freak shows," or "cross-dressers" really doesn't deserve to have her views challenged on this issue. The negligent usage of those terms shows that her mind is already made up, and no discussion on the actuality of transgender existences is likely to sway Ms. Lafferty's consciousness. Growth would not be conducive to her desired outcome: the marginalization of any and everyone who either falls under the LGBT umbrella or supports those who do.

But that being said: How dare Ms. Lafferty accuse anyone of wasting congressional time, when her organization is one of the staunchest proponents for the most time-wasting legislative endeavors in recent memory: the attempts to amend state and federal constitutions so that they exclusively ban one protected class of citizens. When we look back on American history circa 2000-2008 (though hopefully not much beyond that), it's a near certainty that "constitutional gay ban" will be synonymous with "needless, reckless waste of taxpayer time, energy, and money." And not only that one -- there are also issues like Don't Ask, Don't Tell, whose propagation has weakened and lessened our available armed forces, and LGBT-inclusive hate crimes legislation/employment non-discrimination, wherein the faith-based resistance towards what should be civil no-brainers has forced Congress to reconsider the concepts on multiple occasions rather than pass them without hesitation. When it comes to dicking around with congressional time, the "pro-family" team and their attempts to legislate morality have taken the legislative feet-dragging cake!

Are there problems greater and more pressing than those that affect the LGBT community? Absolutely. Fortunately, however, we are not myopic beings that can only handle one thought at a time. Our brains, like society, are complex. We can place focus on multiple areas without sacrificing any of them. Those who should truly be "embarrassed and ashamed" are those who try to oversimplify society in a way that forces it to bend to the whims of a self-appointed, self-absorbed "moral majority," and to lash out against any reasoned move that doesn't benefit their self-placement atop a holier-than-thou pedestal! That exclusive, "divided we stand, united we fall" worldview is what is truly ripping the American fabric.

Americans Face Energy Crisis While House Of Representatives Holds A She-Male Hearing! [TVC]

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