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If any extremist group objects to this wedding, speak now...

by Jeremy Hooper

200806040849We've been wondering if and when the "f*g-hating" folks at Westboro Baptist were going to weigh in on the bars against same-sex marriage that were recently lifted in California. On the day of the Supreme Court's ruling, we certainly expected to see Shirley Phelps-Roper (here modeling Carrie Bradshaw's finest) and family lashing out against the "Godless" court system and the "Satanic" gays. However, no condemnations came forward. We were beginning to think that their on-going court troubles had forced them to move into a cave, leading them to somehow miss the happy news.

Well, fret not, for the family Phelps has finally broken their silence on the subject. And as one might expect, "Ooh, where are you registered?" is not the message they're sending to gay couples:

But if you think this is disruptive, just wait until you hear what the family has planned for gays' honeymoons. Rumor has it that they are planning on adopting hundreds of babies, just so that they can book the seats next to tropical-bound gay couples and annoy the vacation-headed duos with the little ones' non-stop crying. Monsters!

*Read this doc on Scribd: Westboro's CA marriage release

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Your thoughts

Oh, yeah. That's gonna work out well. C'mon, Phelpsy! Bring it!

Posted by: Thom | Jun 4, 2008 10:59:14 AM

OK all but here is a real story about how the decision affected a plaintiff couple:
ROBIN TYLER's story... week of 5/15 to 5/22
Robin Tyler
There is no such thing as same-sex marriage, because after marriage, sex is never the same.

Despite that, on May 15, the day the California Supreme Court ruled that my partner, Diane Olson, and I could get married, I e-mailed my brother Robert, who was traveling in Spain with his wife, Maureen. We had won! Could they come to our wedding? It wasn't going to be until June 16, the first day it would be possible because the court had ordered a 30-day delay so the state's marriage application forms could be changed to read "spouse and spouse" instead of "husband and wife."
Thirty days? How was I going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days? Obviously, I couldn't, so I decided to leave myself alone. No, I wasn't going to diet. This was going to be the most joyous month of my life and if I wanted to have desserts, so be it.
The e-mails began pouring in. My friend Jan, a lesbian who lives on Fire Island, New York, wrote that she and Edrie, her partner of 49 years, were coming to Los Angeles to get married. They wanted to get married at the same time as two other long-term older couples -- Marilyn and Jean of Los Angeles and another couple, Carlotta and Ann who live in Cherry Grove, N.Y. They know that as a result of lawsuits Lambda Legal and the ACLU brought in New York, marriages of same-sex couples validly entered in other jurisdictions are being honored in New York. So, New York couples who marry in California will be considered married in New York.
None of these six women, most in their 70s, some in their 80s, had ever dreamed that in their lifetimes it would be possible for them to get married. As Diane says: "Marriage is a universally understood word defining a unique and distinct loving relationship between two people."

After 15 years together, and 20 years before that as friends, Diane and I were finally getting married! It was the most joyous week of my life. And then, on
May 22, our attorney Gloria Allred e-mailed me an Associated Press news story headlined: "California Marriage Opponents Seek 5-month Delay."
The sponsors said same-sex marriage would cause "unneeded confusion for couples."
Unneeded confusion for couples? They were worried about us? How dare they. How dare they try stopping our hopes and dreams for full equality! Do they have any idea what it is like to have wanted something our entire lives -- the right to love and have that love enshrined in marriage -- then to be given it, only to have it threatened by these anti-gay bigots? What harm are we doing them? I ran in and told Diane. She, my dear, sweet, spiritual partner, was beyond angry.
All of a sudden, a dark cloud came over our house. We looked at each other in disappointment. Then disappointment turned to anger. They had done it to us again. But we pulled ourselves together and said, No, they don't get to keep stealing our joy. We are going to act "as if."
When I finally got to bed the evening of May 22, Diane, emotionally exhausted, was already asleep. I wanted to wrap my arms around her but I was afraid of waking her. I lay there, while the pain poured over me. I wanted to believe that this would work out.
Surely, once the public saw the joy on the faces of all of the same-sex
couples getting married in California , and saw that nothing was going to be taken away from their own marriages, they would not vote for a mean-spirited constitutional amendment that protected nothing except the right to discriminate. If only the California Supreme Court would deny the petition, we would stand a fighting chance of defeating the amendment and realizing our dream. If only, if only....
I closed my eyes and fought with my brain, until I finally turned it off and fell asleep.

Gosh you would think GLBT's are real people with real feeling and families and friends and lifeplans and hopes and joys etc. But of course Westboro Baptist's know better.

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 4, 2008 11:22:28 AM

After 33 years' of waiting to be married,my Life partner,Jim,and I are getting married on the morning of June 17th.During the 33 years,plus,that we have been together,we had gone through everything a family would go through.Sickness,loss of both sets' of parents,Jims' children rejecting him because he is Gay.We have had financial reverses',as well.But after all of that,we are a stronger,more committed couple than ever before.We spend as much time as we can with each other.We have fun,and are as devoted as a couple can be to each other.How lucky I am to now memorialize that,at last,with our very own marriage.I had brain surgery last month and I was afraid that I wouldn't make it to June 17th..Luckily,I will..Good luck to all of those who seek to share their lives with the one they love.

Posted by: Elk | Jun 4, 2008 1:58:40 PM

It's time for the old man to change the font on his rants...

Posted by: Nate Phelps | Jun 4, 2008 9:02:17 PM

Wow, Nate, is that really you? Please share more if it is!!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 4, 2008 9:12:29 PM

That has got to be the UGLIEST bride I've ever laid eyes on, next to that psycho-looking bug-eyed "runaway bride".

Posted by: Scott | Jun 5, 2008 2:23:17 PM

Same old, same old from the WBC. *yawn*

Posted by: Baldran | Jun 8, 2008 8:49:48 PM

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