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In a perfect world, it'd be Mr. Staver who's encouraged to stay out of court

by Jeremy Hooper

200806190817-1Speaking about the memo released by nine national LGBT groups encouraging folks to cool their jets before taking their newly-minted California marriage licenses back to their home states and fighting in the courts to have their unions recognized, one of the attorney's who argued against marriage in the CA Supreme Court, Mat Staver, says the following to One News Now:

"Essentially, they are doing the so-called 'boil the frog in the water' routine," [Staver] speculates. "They're wanting to, basically, prepare the ground, prepare the ideas and thinking so that, one day, you just simply wake up and same-sex 'marriage' has become commonplace," he explains. "And then, once people accept that kind of relationship, then they're going to bring out the cross-dressers, the transvestites, the trans-sexuals, and other kinds of deviant activity."

Alright, so first off: No need to boil any frogs here. That visual is almost as disturbing as the anti-gay comments that follow it.

Amphibian-stewing aside: Mat is actually right in that we are trying to connect the American public. However, our plan is not the insidious one that folks on his side would like it to be. Instead, our goal is to cut through the cruel and unusual spin that folks like Mr. Staver have been rabidly pushing over the past few decades, so as to raise the consciousness of the American public regarding the TRUTH about marriage equality. Thanks to the other side, we must first confront a whole host of untruth before we can even start addressing the actuality. For example, we have to defuse the idea that we're gunning for church weddings through our civil equality. We have to "prove" that we're not out to "attack:" children, families, or morality. We have to also combat the short-sighted idea that marriage is exclusively the domain of those who reproduce. Etcetera, etcetera.

So that's the issue here. Before we have well-intentioned couples heading to the courts and think that their right to equality will be enough for them to achieve that equality, we do want to clear up some of the negative air that our opponents have farted forth. We fully admit that. But again, it's not some dark, insidious "agenda," wherein we wish to first gain acceptance for the gays, and then sneak in "the cross-dressers, the transvestites, the trans-sexuals, and other kinds of deviant activity." Instead, we are following a reasoned and rational playbook that wants human beings treated as -- wait for it, wait for it -- HUMAN BEINGS! We are only using the principles of American freedom and human reality to fuel our fire. The only reason why we have to take certain steps is because folks like Mr. Staver have so fully muddied the waters of the aforementioned concepts that the current legal waters are not ones in which we can necessarily trust to swim.

Moving on, Staver later says in the ONN article:

The Liberty Counsel founder says the most difficult challenge for pro-family forces is revealing the truth about the homosexual lifestyle and what supposed "gay marriage" really means. "Sometimes you need to see evil in its face to understand how evil it really is," he concludes.

We reply:

"And sometimes you need to look self-professed 'morality' in its face to understand how one does not earn their righteousness simply by declaring themselves to be on the "good" side. Not only has the so-called 'pro-family' movement fostered a society in which bald-faced discrimination is emboldened and even encouraged, but also one in which the concepts of virtue and goodness have been bastardized.

A truly decent person could not spend their days and nights carving out a career in which they trivialize a rich, vibrant, sizable population sect as "evil." They simply couldn't. Hell, we don't trivialize our organized opposition as 'evil,' despite the myriad of reasons why we could understandably do so! But those who try to govern on the basis their own personal faith views have zero problem writing off millions of people's lives as sinful, wasted, immoral, debauched, and 'evil.' THIS is the message that is truly in danger of indoctrinating children. THIS is the message that is truly an attack on American families. THIS is the message that is truly harming society. And THIS is the message that keeps gay couples having to pause their lives to prove their worth among their fellow tax-paying citizens.

America (and especially, at this time, Californians): PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES TO THIS! We cannot live together and build a strong society if we are going to act like kids in a sandbox, writing off other kids of having cooties. We need people from all walks of live, all sexual orientations, and all faiths looking folks like Mat Staver in the face and asking how him could be so damn hurtful. And then we need that same coalition looking at themselves and asking how they could've ever sided with the side of unapologetic, arrogant, cold, cruel demonization!

Homosexual activists release 'marriage battle plan' [ONN]

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Your thoughts

Mr Staver,

You figured it out. I have been keeping a whole bunch of cross-dressers, transvestites, trans-sexuals, and sexual deviants locked in my basement for a long time. They are starting to get impatient because they are not in control of the world yet, plus I'm getting tired of feeding them. Please let me know when it I can bring them out.

Posted by: Steve - Geneva, IL | Jun 19, 2008 11:05:19 AM

I would be willing to bet that most of the cross-dressers, sexual deviants and cross-dressing-sexual-deviants that still are cowering in the darkness, are in fact in their basements. The vast majority of those on our side are very out and proud!

But an interesting thing about mister Staver's comments: seems pretty clear that even in his mind, same-sex marriages (and relationships) are becoming much more blasé. So much so that he has to bring up a discussion of topics that aren't same-sex marriage related. The scintillation factor of our lives just doesn't add the sparkle to their rhetoric that it used to.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 19, 2008 3:32:21 PM

Hey there. I was just reading the S.F. Chronicle and some guy named Herb Lux, a local Republican from Virginia, said this:
"You watch this celebration, and I honestly worry about indoctrination. It's like the frog in the water syndrome. You know, the frog doesn't realize the water around it is heating up until it's boiled. I worry that Americans will get used to these images and they'll throw up their hands and say, "Who cares?"."
Hmm. What is it with boiling frogs??? Why does the image of sheeple pop into my head...

Posted by: kevin | Jun 19, 2008 5:01:52 PM

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