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Universal, Disney, 'ex-gay' conference: Orlando truly is land of imagination

by Jeremy Hooper

200806060955Saturday morning in Orlando, folks from PFLAG, Wayne Besen's Truth Wins Our organization, and members of the clergy will hold a silent protest outside of a Love Won Out "ex-gay" conference:

Gay activists to protest Orlando event, notion that homosexuality is 'curable' [Orlando Sentinel]

Unfortunately, we can't be in Orlando. However, we do plan to spend some time encouraging the children in our lives to not tell lies or use peer pressure to convince their friends to do unmeritorious deeds. So ya know -- six of one, half a dozen of the other.

**UPDATE, 6/10: PFLAG recorded some video of the protest.

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Your thoughts

Shoot silent. Well I guess that means Waymon Hudson of FIGHTING OUT LOUD, can't be there... oh well. I like his way better.

Posted by: LOrion | Jun 6, 2008 10:49:09 AM

"The ministries argue that same-sex attraction results from specific events in a person's life -- such as sexual abuse, personal trauma and dysfunctional families"

Sexual abuse? - None here.

Personal trauma? - Well, there was that one haircut.

Dysfunctional family - Is there such a thing as a non-dysfunctional family?

I may not have been born this way, but it seemed to be pretty well established by kindergarten.

The article said that FOF put up several billboards, and they still only expect to have about 500 participants. I would really like to see a breakdown of just who is attending and how many of them are underage men and women being forced to attend.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jun 6, 2008 1:56:44 PM

When these guys say "change is possible", what they REALLY mean is they might reimburse you a few pennies and dimes after they've ripped thousands upon thousands of dollars from you over the course of however many years they mislead you into believing you're really straight.

But in most cases, you won't even get a cent back. Ask that one bipolar gay kid from Dallas who was kidnapped by Pat Robertson's friends last year, whisked off to Michael Johnston's Kentucky ex-gay camp, then kicked out without even a bus ticket back home (after he'd already paid them a few thousand dollars).

Posted by: Scott | Jun 6, 2008 3:40:26 PM

Well, I've seen a lot of newborn babies and none of them were gay. I've seen males, females, black, white and other racial or ethnic babies, but no gay babies. Why is that? It's because that the gay lifestyle is an acquired set of behaviors and personality traits. For those who claim that their gay attraction is not chosen, that may be partially true. But what is true is that they can choose whether or not to engage in homosexual behavior, which is abusive. All of us have an inclination to do all sorts of things that are harmful to ourselves and others, whether it's lying, stealing, etc. But we have free will to choose to engage in those types of detrimental behaviors. But choosing to do things that are abusive does not make them good just because you chose them.

Posted by: Friend | Jun 6, 2008 7:32:00 PM

Yes, and of course there are SO MANY babies who crave heterosexual sex all day and all night. It's like they take a bottle, then immediately need to schtup someone of the opposite sex. Cry -- need to schtup someone of the opposite sex. Play with a rattle -- need to schtup someone of the opposite sex. In fact, when are newborn babies NOT craving a good hetero sex session?!

Ugh. Hopefully "friend" is, in fact, a newborn, as this sort of logic should immediately come across as ridiculous to anyone more than a few weeks old!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 6, 2008 8:09:54 PM

Of course if someone is Bi they can change, but not gay, we cannot, and do not need to change, period end of story.

Posted by: Ty | Jun 6, 2008 8:38:50 PM

Well, friend, it looks like you can benefit from your own sermon. You call lying an harmful behavior, yet you come here and repeat the lie that homosexual behavior is abusive. And, I know that you probably didn't fabricate that lie, you are merely repeating something that another liar told you. But in my book, repeating a lie is equally as reprehensible as fabricating it in the first place.

And, friend, I doubt that you have ever seen a baby that you could positively identify as straight either.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 6, 2008 10:59:43 PM

I really hate being such a dim bulb, although I obviously am. What does friend mean when he or she says that homosexual behavior is abusive? I really have no clue.

Friend, I wasn't given the gift of celibacy. I guess I could have married a woman and ruined my life and hers. Then thirty years later, I would have found myself cruising men in airport restrooms. I could have suppressed my natural desires and one day sent inappropriate emails to congressional pages. Trying to be something that you're not never seems to work out well.

Now Friend, about those gay babies ........ Did you expect the male babies to come out of the womb wearing something absolutely fabulous from International Male? Perhaps you expected them to cry with a lisp. Perhaps they would swish in their little cradles. Were you looking for the female babies to wear flannel and be good with power tools? I'm certain you had a whole lot of stereotypical behavior in mind. I assume that you were using your mind despite the fact that your argument about gay babies was the most lame argument I ever heard.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jun 7, 2008 1:56:22 AM

"All of us have an inclination to do all sorts of things that are harmful to ourselves and others, whether it's lying, stealing, etc. But we have free will to choose to engage in those types of detrimental behaviors. But choosing to do things that are abusive does not make them good just because you chose them."

Friend, you're not much of a friend, because you obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about.

If you want to preach this kinda stuff, you need to go to the gay strips and gay bars, and talk to the people there whose lives revolves around getting drunk or high nightly, and trying to find their next trick.

Personally, it's none of my business how anyone chooses to live their life, but that kind of "lifestyle" isn't for me, and obviously several people
on G-A-Y. I know when I was a nonstop clubber at 20-21, activism was the last thing on my mind. So you're preaching to the wrong crowd.

And if you think our "lifestyle" is destructive, which is pretty much no different than any heterosexual's domestic "lifestyle", you have issues. Just because you're a slut, Friend, doesn't mean everyone else is.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 7, 2008 2:37:38 PM

"Did you expect the male babies to come out of the womb wearing something absolutely fabulous from International Male? Perhaps you expected them to cry with a lisp. Perhaps they would swish in their little cradles."

LOL!! Actually, this is probably what they believe, Mike. The logic of a fundamentalist "christian" is like the logic of a 5-year old.

I would even go so far as to say they probably also believe all babies who later in life becomes Muslim extremists begins plotting inside the womb, with blueprints and all, a la Stewie Griffin.

We're talking about a religion based on mental instability here. Anything is possible with these guys.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 7, 2008 2:48:58 PM

Well, all of you have proved my point. Homosexual or heterosexual orientation is part of a person's personality which develops as a person grows up. So it's not that a person was "born" that particular way. Now whether or not a person chooses to participate in either homosexual or heterosexual behavior is a matter of free will. You can choose to participate, or you can choose not to. As far as being abusive, there is plenty of medical evidence that shows there is a much higher rate of diseases and a much lower life expectancy for individuals who indulge in unnatural sexual activity, whether it be homosexual or heterosexual. It's just that all homosexual acts are unnatural, whereas heterosexual acts need not be. And yes, I am a friend because I'm willing to be ridiculed for telling the truth. But if you prefer to listen to like-minded people who are going to tell you that evil is good, then you have made your choice.

Posted by: Friend | Jun 8, 2008 12:00:01 PM

"Friend," with all due respect, your initial point was that since you've seen no gay babies, then it must be that the gay lifestyle is an acquired set of behaviors and personality traits. And then you parlayed that ridiculous assertion into your own spin, the likes of which has been propagated by your own like-minded people.

You may detest homosexuality, and you have that right. But don;t try and paint something that exists in all types of animals through all recorded history as "unnatural." For many of us, it is as natural as breathing.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 8, 2008 1:36:28 PM

Well, "friend" I see that you are choosing your words pretty carefully when you insinuate your lies. You can't say that there are any studies that suggest that homosexuals are less healthy, because there are none. There are plenty of studies that show that being promiscuous is unhealthy, but that applies to heterosexuals as well, so you can't use them because they don't support your lie.

You say, instead, that there is plenty of "medical evidence." A phrase that doesn't mean anything, but it sounds bad. I could say that is plenty of “mortality evidence” that suggest that "GOD HATES CHILDREN IN AFRICA" and back it up with the UNICEF data which shows that 30,000 children die there EVERY SINGLE DAY OF EVERY YEAR. But, while my facts are correct, my assertion about god hating African children is a big fat lie. Just like your lie is still nothing more than a lie.

But, the fact that you can (and do) use tricky, meaningless and misleading words that imply rather than assert, suggests to me that you are probably a professional liar – because it takes a lot of practice to get that fine-distinction down pat. Professional liars are among the worst scum of the earth, especially the ones who do it in the name of religion.

If there is a hell, I would suspect that god has prepared a particularly uncomfortable section for the professional liars who claim to be doing his will. But you, Jerry Falwell and Fred Phelps will probably have a lot to talk about when you get there.

If you truly want to do “god’s work” why don’t you devote your gay-bashing time to helping some of those African children to live beyond their 5th birthday? That is something worthwhile that you could be doing – and that truly is a choice you can make.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jun 8, 2008 7:40:30 PM

Well Friend, my dear friend, I'm afraid that if you were one of my students, I could not give you a very good grade in persuasive writing. As a rule of thumb, whenever you make an argument, back it up with at least three facts. I'm afraid you failed to do that, although your effort was pretty good.

Let's first look at this quote, "Well, all of you have proved my point." That would be good if that were indeed true, but you failed to list any of our quotes that may prove your statement. I looked and found nothing that we said that would indeed prove your point.

Then there was this quote, "there is plenty of medical evidence that shows there is a much higher rate of diseases and a much lower life expectancy for individuals who indulge in unnatural sexual activity." Jeremy pointed out to you that you were wrong to use the word unnatural. Unnatural would mean something that does not occur in nature. Since beetles, sheep, fruit bats, dolphins, orangutans, penguins, flamingos, ostriches, house cats, and macaques engage in homosexuality activity, it is indeed natural. Please be aware that is only a partial list. I will not list the studies that site these animals, but since you have a computer, google it. You can also go to the National Geographic site and use their search engine. I also know that my husband and I do not do anything that straight couples aren't also doing. Do you also feel that it is unnatural for straight couples to do those things? If you do, I feel very sorry for you and your wife or husband.

Dick pointed out that there were no real studies that prove that homosexuals have a higher rate of disease and a shorter life span. Oh I have seen the pseudo-science that says that is true, but those people really have no studies on which to base their hypothesis. Such a study would be overwhelming. One problem is that many older gays are still closeted. Not even their doctors know that they are gay. Thus they would be placed in the straight column. The studies would also have to take into account the ethnic origins and socioeconomic status of all those in the study. There would also be a need for a control group. None of that has been done. One more word for you - Primetimers. Primetimers is a social organization for older gay and bi men. It is worldwide. Use your Google again. I googled a couple of the metropolitan chapters and found that Boston has three hundred members and here in the Twin Cities, they have over two hundred members. Older gay and bi guys are definitely around. You could also walk through one of the Pride events around the country and just observe the older people.

Please don't embarrass yourself any further by calling yourself Friend and then bear false witness. Be brave like the people from the Westboro Church and call yourself a hater.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jun 8, 2008 11:57:24 PM

OK, I think we have our "Friend" figured out. He's nothing more than a pious pervert, obsessed over the sex lives of EVERYONE, hetero and homo. There's no sense in debating with this guy, because everyone's sex business is HIS business and passion.

He's the type of person who you can't just bring up the weather to discuss, without him trying to pry into your bedroom business. Forget him.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 9, 2008 12:59:25 PM

Hey Friend, don't flatter yourself....you are not my/our friend with your hogwash. Focus instad of the problems with your heteroshituality. That oghtta keep you busy.

Posted by: nikko | Jun 10, 2008 3:44:50 AM

Well, I knew it wouldn't take long for the replies to become personal attacks. That's OK when I have the truth on my side. The truth is that the male and female bodies are designed with complimentary sexual organs. That's why when any two people attempt to insert a penis or anything else into a body orifice other than a vagina, bad things will happen, if not sooner then later. Whenever you misuse or abuse your bodies, it causes damage to both people. There is plenty of medical evidence that points out the dangers of homosexual behavior. Plus, if you've ever attempted to donate blood, you would know that the Red Cross will not accept blood from people who have participated in homosexual sex. So go ahead and ignore the facts if you want. But I hope that many of you will seek the help you need to give up a destructive lifestyle and embrace a healthier one.

Posted by: Friend | Jun 14, 2008 10:39:33 PM

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