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Westboro shows some Muskrat Love

by Jeremy Hooper

We know they despise virtually every kind of human being alive, casting to hell the vast majority of those who aren't a part of their family. But finally we've found a creature that Westboro Baptist's Phelps family does enjoy. Namely, muskrats:

Picture 8-93

Hmm. So heaven is going to be made up of Fred Phelps, God, and muskrats? Call us picky after-party attendees if you must, but we're not so sure that the eternal soiree Westboro has in mind is a bash to which we'd even want to RSVP. After all, those pesky lil' critters never did much for us in the mortal world. Oh, and the muskrats never did much for us either.

But there is one silver lining to this ridiculous press release: It finally gives us an excuse to post a Captain & Tennille clip:

Now that's some "Muskrat Love" we can get behind! The kind that expresses thanks for human death and destruction? Not so much.

***NOTE: The full Westboro press release/obituary can be found on their website. However, a link from us is something those lil' furry rodents will never receive.

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Your thoughts

seriously i know these are amusing but maybe you should stop even posting the damn things anymore, i mean, these guys are their own worst enemies, they release something every week and i think basically people are already bored with it
the less exposure they get the better
i think more than anything else, not getting attention bothers them

Posted by: hapbt | Jun 30, 2008 10:55:12 AM

Frankly, hapbt, the "should we ignore or should we publicize" Westboro debate gets a little annoying. The Phelps exist. They are not going away. And in no way does publicity help their cause. IMHO, nobody should be criticized for taking the piss out of this family.

Just like with any anti-gay opponent, if it's of some sort of interest, we will post about it (usually no more than once a week or so). If people want to read it, they can. If they don't, then that's fine too. Our research indicates more than a passing interest, and our experience indicates there are many gains to be had by highlighting ALL of the bias we face, from the most benign to the most extremist.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jun 30, 2008 11:05:57 AM

I agree with Jeremy. Most people who don't particularly follow GLBT rights in the news don't know about crazies like the Phelps'. Maybe they heard of them a year or so ago when they were in the news (at least, in Colorado they were) for protesting at soldiers' funerals, but they haven't been in the news since then and they probably think the issue was "resolved" somehow for lack of any other information. I think the more people, who maybe aren't pro-GLBT but not against us, either, who see exactly what kind of bats**t crazy things get hurled at us on a daily basis, the better. Because these people are likely to think, "Wow. Well, I don't agree/want to be associted with THAT." And then they may vote for equality when some initiative comes around. These are the people like my mother, who on the one hand says "ewww" and changes the channel when she sees two guys kiss on TV, yet thinks "it's a sin what happened to those boys" when horror stories like what happened to Matthew Shepard and Lawrence King come in the news; she's against gay marriage but voted for domestic partnerships when they came on the ballot (because "it's only fair that they should have basic rights like hospital visitation" and so forth). When the Phelps' were in the news, her reaction was, "what's wrong with those people?" There are plenty of people who maybe aren't fond of us, but don't think we should be stoned in the streets either, and they don't realize how many people out there are so rabidly against us. The more coverage the crazies get, the better for us, I think.

Posted by: Wren | Jun 30, 2008 7:30:24 PM

I just can't understand how God can hate Missouri after they followed his will so earnestly by passing an anti-gay marriage amendment. Clearly Missouri Hates Fags. How can God be against them?

Leave it to the Phelps'...

Posted by: Timm | Jul 1, 2008 12:57:07 AM

Maybe Missouri didn't hate them ENOUGH?

Posted by: greybat | Jul 4, 2008 5:36:33 PM

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