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Exodus summer vacation: Is gayness or reality being vacated?

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 21-20Today in Asheville, NC, the Exodus International organization is holding day one of their six-day "freedom conference." For those uninitiated, this is the event at which hundreds of gays, religious folks, and family members who think they know more about their loved one's sexuality than the loved ones themselves, gather to waste considerable time and resources on placing baseless, unscientific views about the research and opinions of the totality of the credible medical community. More info at link:

Exodus Freedom Conferences [Exodus]

So why can't we proudly gay folks just let this event go by unchallenged? Well, for but one example as to why gay apathy is dangerous, then check out this blip from Christian Post:

Jaye Thomas, who turned away from homosexuality with support from Exodus, acknowledged that Exodus "is no stranger to opposition."

"But neither was Jesus," he said. "Exodus is not in the business of converting anyone. We just offer a hand to walk beside people who want freedom from the bondage of sexual addiction.”

Ya see what they do? They liken themselves to Jesus, in order to both justify the reasoned antipathy that comes their way and connect themselves with Godliness. They present homosexuality as a "sexual addiction," so as to embolden the idea that it's an affliction in need of a "cure." They completely mask the fact that they ARE undeniably trying to "convert" people, instead making it sound as if they're merely taking folks on a joy walk. And they do it all behind the veil of false compassion, so that they can make anyone who dares to challenge their dangerous movement seem "militant."

The fact is that at conferences like this one, Exodus is not only encouraging "freedom" for their participants. Instead, they are trying to free the entire world from the grips of gay acceptance! Their goal is to change the conversation so that their own, man-concocted, scientifically-unsupported views are given equal treatment to the reality that is homosexuality. If it makes us militant to fight that from happening, then give us our combat boots and fatigues right now.

*EARLIER: Analyzing a commercial for the conference: Video: True desire doesn't need an ad budget! [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

If my gayness is a "sexual addiction," then I'll just weigh in right now saying "Most boring addiction EVAR" based on the amount of sex I've had lately okthxbye...

Posted by: Evan | Jul 15, 2008 4:19:43 PM

I've had sex maybe twice in the past month, Exodus. Just sayin'...

Posted by: Underachiever | Jul 15, 2008 5:03:09 PM

I have to agree with you here. Jaye Thomas' statement was an excellent example of doublespeak.

Please do not take my agreements with you today to mean that I am no longer a terrible, mean-spirited, closed-minded, heart-of-stone right-wing fanatic. Nothing could be further from the truth!

This has just been a lucky day for you.

Posted by: David | Jul 16, 2008 1:56:30 AM

OMG - as one who lived a life of denial and closets, even to the point of healing prayers to be straight, 15 yrs as a employed lay minister, AND married... I can tell you this... Exodus needs a life. Best thing I did for myself, to heal from oppression of being Gay, was to be honest with myself... "I'm Gay". The hardest two words and yet the most liberating words for freedom, independence, the dismissal of guilt placed by religious mambo jumbo. I am a Free man, free from the sin and shame of religion! Exodus are nothing more but closet queen generators.

Posted by: Eddie Keator | Jul 20, 2008 5:52:36 PM

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