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If only she'd worn her 'Get a Life, MassResistance!' shirt

by Jeremy Hooper

200807031548If you're familiar with the anti-gay MassResistance organization (branded as a bona fide hate group by the SPLC), then you might know that they have a penchant for posting photos from various gay rights events and then writing some sort of snarky caption next to them. Usually these captions are offensive in the way they demean LGBT people. However, in this latest photo that they've posted of Gov. Deval Patrick's wife and daughter marching in the Boston gay pride parade, their mouth-foamingly eager desire to imply some sort of unsavoriness also demonstrates how willing they are to condemn without any factual basis. Check it out:

Picture 3-125

Well apparently MassResistance doesn't have the same ability to input a Google search as we do, for if they had they would have realized within approximately 1.5 seconds that Ms. Patrick's shirt is in support of the United Way and their community-building programs. They would know that the shirt supports a movement designed to reach across the table to tackle issues. They would know that the shirt is focused on bettering the lives of young people. They would know that the shirt works towards eliminating actual social ills like poverty, poor healthcare, financial instability, and joblessness, rather than contrived social ills like "the gay agenda™." They would know that the shirt is about working towards bringing more light in the world. They would know that the shirt is about acting like responsible members of society rather than discriminatory tyrants.

But of course it's much easier to imply that the shirt means something like "Live your life tethered to your leather daddy," so they eschew a reasoned view of Ms. Patrick's sartorial choices in favor of vague innuendo. Because folks like MassResistance truly don't want us all to "Live United" -- they want us all to "Flounder Divided."

Though come to think of it, perhaps we should just be glad that no implications were made about the beads.

*Many more photos and captions at link: Massachusetts Governor degrades self and insults state, marching in depraved homosexual parade. [MR]

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Your thoughts

Ok that site is hysterical! I love this caption:

At left, holding corner of Marauders' flag, black gloves add an interesting touch. At right, riding on the Bacardi Rum float immediately following, these men were simulating homosexual sex acts (see our upcoming video for footage of this).

OH I can’t wait!!!

Posted by: Randy | Jul 3, 2008 3:49:49 PM

HOOT! at least I wasn't drinking anything! I know better now when reading you.
I dunno just kinda small to be worth it don't you think?

Posted by: LOrion | Jul 3, 2008 4:07:22 PM

"the gay agenda™" Did you trademark "the gay agenda?" How clever! Now you can charge a royalty anytime those fundies mention it!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 3, 2008 4:17:54 PM

"the gay agenda™" Did you trademark "the gay agenda?" How clever! Now you can charge a royalty anytime those fundies mention it!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 3, 2008 4:21:58 PM

I only wish, Dick. If I had, I'd be rich enough by now to buy the United States and force it to accept equality!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 3, 2008 4:26:13 PM

Already spent your check Randy? ... Here's where lots of the 'tax stimulus' is going. A research group reports this.
Sometimes the jokes just tell themselves -- who knew that those checks were destined to become a dose of economic Viagra. According to the Adult Internet Market Research Company, business has been "enhanced" significantly.
An unforeseen and surprising beneficiary of the Economic Stimulus Plan, a plan that George Bush contends will "boost our economy and encourage job creation," has surfaced this week. An independent market-research firm, AIMRCo (Adult Internet Market Research Company), has discovered that many websites focused on adult or erotic material have experienced an upswing in sales in the recent weeks since checks have appeared in millions of Americans' mailboxes across the country.
According to Kirk Mishkin, Head Research Consultant for AIMRCo, "Many of the sites we surveyed have reported 20-30% growth in membership rates since mid-May when the checks were first sent out, and typically the summer is a slow period for this market."

Jillian Fox, spokeswoman for LSGmodels.com, one of the sites reporting figures to AIMRCo, added, "In a June 15, 2008 survey to our members, thirty two percent of respondents referenced the recent stimulus package as part of their decision to either become a new member, or renew an existing membership."

Sorry JH don't know if this was in another thread. I just LOVE IT, so will repeat.

Posted by: LOrion | Jul 3, 2008 4:34:26 PM

Or at least buy Dobson's impoverished fiefdom and force him into exile in Gambia or somewhere.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 3, 2008 4:53:08 PM

I'm sure it's all been said before, but I think it bears repeating.

If MassResistance finds the activities at the Pride Parade and related celebrations so disturbing, why do they keep attending it every year? And why do they keep exposing their followers to such disturbing sights?

Call me crazy, but if I find something disturbing, I normally make an effort to avoid it. I certainly don't rush to take pictures so I can show everyone else how disturbing it is.

Posted by: Jarred | Jul 5, 2008 4:55:29 PM

You are right Jarred. It kind of reminds me of that old Saturday Night Live skit where the family kept drinking the spoiled milk, spitting it out, and passing it to the next family member to "try".

Posted by: Clancy in Bloomington | Jul 7, 2008 10:08:41 AM

Oh, Clancy, I LOVE that SNL sketch. Thanks for bringing it to mind.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 7, 2008 10:16:55 AM

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