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Video: Batman, Iron Man, Unapologetically Homo-Hostile Man -- It's the summer of comics!!

by Jeremy Hooper

Looking around at our friends and fellows, it seems imperative for those of us who cover the so-called "culture wars" to post video from the comic book-peddling Brent Rinehart's appearance on CNN "American Morning." So here ya go -- a fully grown county commissioner trying to justify how and why a crude, childish, cruel, divisive book of scribblings is a fitting contribution to Oklahoma's political discourse:

No, Mr. Rinehart? "No one has ever said anything about the the truthfulness" of a book that, among other things, shows a cartoon Satan (pitch fork and all) running around trying to "convince" people that homosexuality is "normal"? Hmm. Well in that case, let us be the first: IT'S CRAZY! THIS COMIC BOOK SCHEME IS NUTSO. NOT ONLY IS IT HORRIBLY OFFENSIVE TO LGBT FOLKS WORLDWIDE, BUT IT'S ALSO OFFENSIVE TO THOSE WHO ARE SICK AND TIRED OF PETTY POLITICAL GAMES! OH, AND YOUR RIGHT TO "TRUTHFULNESS" ENDED THE MOMENT YOU DEFINE GAY PEOPLE AS HAVING AN "AGENDA."

Sorry to be the first to let you know, bud-ro.

GOP Comic Book Attacks Gays [YouTube]

**Download the full comic book (pdf)

**NOTE: It's actually quite interesting that Mr. Rinehart says John King is attacking him by pointing out of the "pedifile" misspellings. Because that's exactly what these social conservative so frequently do -- say their opponents are "attacking" them, when all they are really doing is pointing out their wrongs!

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Your thoughts

The numerous misspellings and grammatical errors had me cringing! I think I was more appalled at them than I was at the comic book itself!

Posted by: stojef | Jul 21, 2008 8:50:52 PM

It's hard to believe that someone like that holding a public office can be so blatantly stupid. I don't think this guy has ever left bugf*ck Oklahoma. Lets hope that he at least lives next door to Sally Kern so that the problem is contained.

I especially took note of his "homosexyuls".

What a knuckle dragger.

I know I shouldn't attack individuals, but this guy takes the cake.

Posted by: dave b | Jul 21, 2008 10:39:49 PM

April 6, 2007
Accused Former Lawmaker, County Commissioner Surrender

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart and political consultant Tim Pope surrendered to authorities Friday, one day after they were accused of felony violations of state campaign laws.

Rinehart and Pope arrived at the Oklahoma County Courthouse about 9:45 a.m. They were each with an attorney and Rinehart was also accompanied by a sheriff’s deputy. They were arraigned and were to be booked at the Oklahoma County Jail.

They face accusations of perjury, conspiracy and money laundering in connection with the funneling of illegal campaign contributions to Rinehart’s 2004 race for county commissioner, the state Attorney General’s office said.


Brent Rinehart, who has been indicted on 9 felony counts, is scheduled to go to trial in September. A Grand Jury wouldn't return INDICTMENTS ON NINE FELONY COUNTS unless there's pretty good evidence that "there's fire in the direction of that smoke." Maybe Brent will have a lot of time to devote to his graphic-novel career in prison!

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 21, 2008 11:38:04 PM

"Are you homophobic?"
"I don't even know what that means..."
I would consider this to be the most enlightening part of this discourse.

Posted by: Corvidae | Jul 22, 2008 4:45:48 AM

It's going to be hard for Mr. Rinehart to constantly stay drunk and hitting on other men's wives at bars when he's in prison or jail!

Maybe he can take a grammar course or two, while he's rotting.

Posted by: Scott | Jul 22, 2008 2:40:10 PM

Scott: It's far more productive to deal with what Mr. Rinehart is giving us rather to make baseless claims about his drinking or behavior. It weakens the discourse to throw petty, baseless insults back at him.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 22, 2008 2:46:27 PM

Jeremy, it's not baseless - it's from folks in his own part of the state. From what I've read, he's nothing more than a hypocritical party animal. And nobody knows this guy better than the locals.

It's just like one well-known nut from my hometown - everyone everywhere else thought he was an angel - but people in my town knew he was cashing in on their pre-paid funerals, while they were still living! Of course he eventually got caught up, and is now in prison.

Posted by: Scott | Jul 22, 2008 5:09:59 PM

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