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Video: Bias -- it's a gas!

by Jeremy Hooper

Thank you, Coral Ridge Ministries, for reminding us why we routinely "discern" Exxon/Mobil stations to be unfit for our fueling needs:

Yea Exxon: you just go ahead keep up the feet-dragging in the area of fair-mindedness. After all, the socially conscious people whose eyebrows aren't raised by your record profits in the face of a national gas crisis are going to need some other humanistic element to question.

Learn2Discern - Exxon Says No [YouTube]

**In a new post, Peter LaBarbera has thanked this writer for tipping him off to this video. He's of course welcome. Although if I had my druthers, I would much rather him thank me for pointing out that absolutely nobody showed up for his much-ballyhooed anti-McDonald's press conference, or for highlighting his ridiculous comment about vegans and "anti-American leftists." But whatever.

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Your thoughts

Obnoxious guy.

Posted by: | Jul 18, 2008 2:42:50 PM

Maybe after he saw your pic yesterday he has a crush you.

Posted by: Alonzo | Jul 18, 2008 3:13:17 PM

Peter that is

Posted by: Alonzo | Jul 18, 2008 3:14:18 PM

I don't buy gasoline from Exxon Mobil - even though there's a station just a half a mile from me. There are a lot of reasons not to patronize that company, not the least of which is that they are unapologetic polluters who take uber-profits at a time when American families are struggling with $4+ per gallon gas prices. The fact that they have terrible GLBT employment policies is just sauce for their sociopathic goose. Coral Ridge Ministries and Exxon-Mobil: Partners in misanthropy.

Posted by: larry | Jul 18, 2008 5:00:56 PM

I did exactly what John Rabe told us to do in the video: click the "Contact Us" button on the exxonmobil.com site.

However, I didn't send a Coral-Ridge-supportive message. :)Instead, I indicated that I stopped buying Exxon several weeks ago when this story first broke, and that I'd continue to do so until they got the policy right.

Hopefully many others have done so...

Posted by: Tom | Jul 18, 2008 5:52:00 PM

So I did some research, mainly because I'm bored and have no life, but also because these fundies sure have a way of twisting the facts. Here are the stories of the two individuals of whom Mr. Rabe spoke:


Washington Times
April 7, 2004

“Albert Buonanno objected to language in a new employee handbook issued in January 2001 that said ‘each person at AT&T Broadband is charged with the responsibility to fully recognize, respect and value the differences among all of us,’ including sexual orientation. He was fired after refusing to sign a ‘certificate of understanding’ acknowledging that he agreed to the policy.”

Rabe: “[He] was told to sign a workers handbook that required him to value the sexual orientations of others.”


The (Oklahoma City) Journal Record
Nov 23, 1998

“Betty Sabatino, who worked in the bank's trust department for 10 years, said she had a religious objection to the homosexual conduct the bank was protecting when the speaker asked the audience if anyone had questions. He said Sabatino, a Lutheran, got a call from her boss, who complained she was embarrassed by Sabatino's remarks … About a month later, Sabatino was fired.”

Rabe: “[She] raised questions about why her firm provided homosexual workers with special consideration in its employment practices.”


Simply put, being respected as a human being is a “special” and “privileged” right.

Watch out folks, the day is coming when we will all be forced to work in cubicles next to animals and even polygamists!

As for John Rabe, he can bow at my altar of diversity.

Posted by: Jake | Jul 18, 2008 6:34:49 PM

So here's the funny thing, though: Exxon-Mobil is among the worst of the oil companies for reasons that have NOTHING to do with homosexuality, and people with REAL MORALS would do well to stay away from it at all costs. The fact that they treat gay people unequally is just icing on the cake.

Perhaps if Pete's life was spent doing something worthwhile he'd understand this, rather than convincing his 7 followers to patronize Exxon-Mobil.


In other news, I went to McDonald's today in a thriving Republican neighborhood in Memphis, TN, just around the corner for the American "Family" Association in Tupelo, and the drive-thru line was around the building and the store was absolutely PACKED.

So, I don't think the boycott is "working," but good game, dumbasses!

Posted by: Evan | Jul 18, 2008 6:46:25 PM

.... and thank him for the Very Happy Meal... I hadn't eaten at McD's in ages!

Posted by: LOrion | Jul 18, 2008 7:15:54 PM

Both EXXON and McDonald's are bullshit businesses that gay, and all people, should avoid anyway.

Posted by: nikko | Jul 19, 2008 1:20:16 AM

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