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Video: It's all about tone and delivery

by Jeremy Hooper

So you know that gay man, Bradley Fowler, who's trying to sue certain Bible publishers because of the way they used the word "homosexual" in a portion of their Bibles? Well while we get we're Mr. Fowler is coming from and believe that his intentions are coming from a real place, we've been admittedly dismissive of the $60-70 million lawsuit for a numbers of reasons. However, despite our own eyebrows being raised, when anti-gay personality Stuart Shepard tries to turn a glib comedic eye to the subject, we can't help but be annoyed:

So why is it one thing for those of us on the pro-gay side to raise questions about this lawsuit, and quite another for a Focus on the Family staffer to do the same? Well, whereas we are coming at this situation from a place of legally-minded scrutiny and one that realizes that EVERY Bible is filled with personally-biased interpretations of man, Stuart Shepard is acting as if the condemnation that Fowler is challenging was delivered verbatim to the individual books by God himself. He's not trying to take the piss out of Fowler for what very well might be frivolous lawsuit, or for the ridiculously high sum of money being sought in the case. Instead, Stuart is making it sound as if the passage in question, 1 Corinthians 6:9, is unquestionably straightforward and closed-off to any sort of interpretation, and thus mining his comedy out of the idea that a gay man is challenging a "truth" that he doesn't like.

We've called Staurt's jesting ways into question many times before. And as always, the problem with Stuart's "comedy" lies in one simple fact: He's coming from a place of bias. Whereas we make light of the "culture wars" so that we can remain positive in the face of the unnecessary and cruel campaigns that are waged against our lives and loves, Stuart frequently turns to humor so as to (a) make his side's hostility seem more pleasant, and (b) make the LGBT people who are fighting desperately for and fair, decent treatment seem silly and radical. The laughs that stem from Stuart's videos can never come from an organic place because the truth (the essence of good comedy) must first be obfuscated by the "pro-family" veil.

Mirror, Mirror [CitizenLink]

**EARLIER: The Fowler lawsuit: Fowler finds one Bible 'fouler' than others [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

Oh so smug isn't he? And what's with the dancing at the end? Makes Hee Haw look highbrow.

Posted by: johnozed | Jul 14, 2008 12:18:32 PM

Well, I'll give him a kudos for the bit on fear of recognizing one's "headless" body in a video news segment about obesity. That made me chuckle. As for the rest, pure drivel which is what this lawsuit is as well IMO. I sympathize with what Fowler has endured, but such a direct assault on the First Amendment should be tossed out immediately.

Posted by: John | Jul 14, 2008 1:13:06 PM

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