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Wayne's clearly hit a nerve, whether they admit it or not

by Jeremy Hooper

200807112014Reacting to Wayne Besen's perfectly reasoned and thoroughly justifiable attempts to keep longtime gay rights foe James Dobson from being honored with a place in the Radio Hall of Fame, Focus on the Family's Gary Schneeberger today came to the following conclusion:

"This attack is yet more evidence of why Dr. Dobson deserves a spot in the Radio Hall of Fame"

"For 32 years, he has been willing to take the unfriendly fire of the Wayne Besens of the world because that is the price to be paid for championing family values and defending biblical principles in the public square."

And ya know what? To us these comments speak volumes about how just skewed the world views of these "pro-family" types so often are. For they show us just how fully these folks have convinced themselves that the rage, push back, reasoned arguments, and staunch opposition that greets their attempts to stifle human equality are nothing more than the unreasoned products of anti-family rage. And It also shows just how unwilling they are to stop and think that maybe, just maybe, they've actually done a thing or two (or 6 trillion) to earn the antipathy.

 Good As You Images 200807091400Schneeberger asserts that Dobson has been willing to "take the unfriendly fire" of activists like Wayne for the past thirty years, positioning Jimmy D's thick skin as if it provides validity for his work. BUT WHY?! By what logic? He is the aggressor here! Without James Dobson's self-appointed role as on of America's most gay-demonizing personalities, we gay activists would be free to dedicate our days to something other than fighting for basic human decency, respect, and rights!

Contrary to popular "pro-family" belief, we homosexuals are not implanted with our "militant, Christian-attacking processing chips (patent pending)" on the day that we come out. Most any rage we have in the area of faith is 100% born out of the almost unbelievably cruel words and actions many of us have faced in our lives at the hands of "loving", self-appointed moral authorities. And so by turning a blind eye to both the pro-gay resistance and his own role in provoking it, James Dobson is not proving his worth for this radio honor. He isn't doing anything noble. He isn't demonstrating top-notch broadcasting skills. Instead, his continued insistence on marginalizing rather than including, ignoring rather than listening, proselytizing rather than understanding, demanding rather than dialoguing, polarizing rather than unifying, fostering untruths rather than actuality, persecuting rather than embracing, and casting gays to the fringes rather than folding them in as part of the spectrum of normalcy, reinforces why we who've been so deeply hurt by his career cannot and will not sit back and allow it to be honored without resistance!

Insisting that Wayne's "attacks" are simply the price a Godly broadcaster must pay? Well that's a line that might do well with the board for the National Hall of Fame of Martyrs. However, for those who continue to pay an actual, tangible price for Dobson's attacks through the currency of our still-stigmatized lives and still-unrecognized loves? We will shed no tear over the "woe is me" act, and cast no vote for the "woe is gay!" practitioner!

Dr. Dobson Slammed by Gay Activist [CitizenLink]

**Oh, and by the way: FOF doesn't just verbally lash out against folks like Wayne. In a recent fundraising letter they actually name-check Besen, presenting his excited, optimistic comments about just how much the California decision could potentially change America as a "disastrous loss for the defenders of morality and family."

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Your thoughts

fr the article:

>...Insisting that Wayne's "attacks" are simply the price a Godly broadcaster must pay?...<

Presenting dobDUMB as a "Godly broadcaster" is about as credible as trying to portray joe mccarthy as a "victim" of those he harassed and had jailed, because he was looking for "commies" and "reds". He never found any. dobDUMB is a hypocrite, and deserves to have his license yanked, permanently.

Posted by: Gretchen | Jul 11, 2008 10:08:06 PM

DD has been receiving a bit of friendly-fire lately too! Of course Schneeberger doesn't mention them. Nor does he mention the fact that they are calling him a lunatic whose beliefs they don't share, and whose actions they don't condone.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jul 11, 2008 10:55:57 PM

Sorry Dobson, but the god of shock radio deserves that award - Howard Stern. Not a lunatic who BELIEVES he's God.

He's not supposed to be accepting a secular award anyway.

Posted by: Scott | Jul 12, 2008 10:40:25 AM

I really hope that Howard Stern wins! I think it just would be right for Focus on the Family to be beaten by the crude and rude Shock Jock of radio. Hopefully there are more voters out there who appreciate potty humor and slutty women on the radio.

Posted by: Illuman23 | Jul 15, 2008 2:08:10 PM

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