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Wherein a 'pro-fam' crusader (photo)shoots for the rim(job)

by Jeremy Hooper

We would never post this photo, which depicts a man kissing and possibly about to perform a rimjob on the ass of another, in a manner less censored than we've done here:


And why not? Well, because most of our readers wouldn't want to see that. They don't come to this site for that sort of thing. While most of us are aware of the human sexual act that occurs when mouth meets anus, and many of us find lip-to-butt acts quite pleasurable, this is simply not the forum for showing visual depictions of two consenting adults engaging in the behavior.

Apparently Peter LaBarbera does not share our posting standards. In his latest attempt to use one particular sect's celebration of fetish and sex to decry gays and all who accept them, Pete has actually posted an unedited version of the above pic, along with many others with minimal editing, over on his Americans For Truth site. Link possibly NSFW:

Nudity Fills San Francisco Streets again as Cops Look on and Do Nothing at ‘Up Your Alley’ Street Fair [AFT]

Now, Pete would surely say that we are (a) sidestepping the "real issue" of public sex, and (b) "mocking the messenger" rather than the message. But here's the thing: Like other festivals that are popular within sex-loving straight communities, this celebration, called the "Up Your Alley" fair, was actually not "public." This is a paid, closed-off event. Yes it takes place in the streets; but these are blocked off streets! Just like an outdoor concert of anything else that takes place in open-air environments, the fact that there is no ceiling does not automatically make it "public." The way Pete is making it sound, a four-year-old might stumbled upon the fest while making their way to the jungle gym. That's simply not the case.

As for shooting the messenger? Well, come on! When you profess to be "pro-family" and whatnot, you have to expect a few raised eyebrows when you pepper your site with images of young men getting their asses licked! And you have to expect a little ribbing for the editorial decision! Most evangelicals would surely believe Pete if he just used descriptive text. We'd also be willing to bet that a majority of those same evangelicals actually lose respect for Pete for these sorts of things. Hell, even "ex-gay" Randy Thomas, a supporter of Pete's side in the "culture war," has lashed out at him for posting pics like this.

But what do we know? We're apparently just good at cheap shots, not butt-licking ones.

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Your thoughts

The guy doing the rimming is former boss of mine.

Posted by: TheHungryTanuki | Jul 30, 2008 12:56:51 PM

REALLY? Are you still in friendly contact, HT? If so, it might be interesting to get him involved. After all, there might be some other issues involved in a non-approved public posting of this photo (which again, took place at a paid event that is not nearly as "public" as Pete says).

We should be fair, though, and say that the photo is pre-rimming. In the pic, it's just a kiss, with the possibility of a followup strongly implied.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 30, 2008 1:14:30 PM

I REALLY hate the nasty people who hang up gay flags and call this call this sort of thing a 'gay pride' event or whatever else. If you want to be a nasty whore in public, that's your choice (and tbh, it isn't, there are laws against that sort of behavior for reasons of decency), but don't make it an issue of gay rights or gay pride.

Posted by: | Jul 30, 2008 1:18:02 PM

How low can the king of gay porno go?

Although you wouldn't catch me at any of the sex or leather events which Peter LaBarbera frequents, I have to say the "family values" perverts should leave adults-only events alone.

Kids shouldn't be allowed into events like this, but on the other hand, America isn't a country OF kids. Consenting adults should be able to have adults-only events (no matter how wild they get), just as families should be able to have their own events.

If you don't want your kids to see such things, don't bring them! And especially don't go posting pornography on your "family" website.

I'm totally convinced that Peter is nothing more than a pervert who gets off on the possibility that he's flashing off porno to children. Why else does he post explicit pics like these?

Posted by: Scott | Jul 30, 2008 1:18:28 PM

Thank you for EDITING that post. I come to this site AT WORK, and could have gotten reprimanded (maybe fired) if that hadn't been :O

Good thing I am not a radical Christian that visits AFT while at work.

Hopefully many that DO read his posts will realize that maybe he isn't the wellspring of knowledge that he purports to be.


Just my 2 cents :)

Posted by: aj | Jul 30, 2008 1:27:24 PM

Knowing him there was most definitely follow up.
But, I am still in contact with him.
I could get you in touch with him.
Love your blog a ton.

Posted by: TheHungryTanuki | Jul 30, 2008 1:27:41 PM

To be fair, anon, I don't really see in the photos any pride flags or attempts tt make this look like a gay pride parade.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 30, 2008 1:28:47 PM

Thanks, HT. Let me know if you hear from him. I would love to hear his thoughts.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 30, 2008 1:31:39 PM

I love how he has the following right at the beginning of his commentary: CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. He practilly demands the reader to do it in big bold red font.

I agree JH, I do not want to have that pop up while I am at work, and would expect it even less from a supposedly "pro-family" site.

Posted by: Loki | Jul 30, 2008 1:45:07 PM

So he had to pay and put money towards the "homosexual Agenda" to get in and take these photos... Drama Queen...

Posted by: Randy | Jul 30, 2008 2:22:40 PM

Don't the straight people involved in the "swinging lifestyle" have similar events? I'd think it would be easy enough to google and find websites dedicated to such things. I recall reading somewhere that the number of straight people involved in sex clubs exceeds the actual number of homosexuals in the US. Perhaps their events ban the use of cameras!

Posted by: keltic | Jul 30, 2008 2:48:42 PM

Could someone please tell Peter LaBarbera that nudity is absolutely legal in San Francisco? He keeps mentioning that the police do nothing while people walk around nude, but the police can't do anything about it, even if they wanted to.

Posted by: Kevin Kaatz | Jul 30, 2008 3:50:49 PM

I am totally with Scott. Peter is posting porno for children on his own website!! Someone should call him on it. And since when does rimming have anything to do with gayness... we all need lube there. All HETs can do just as good a job... or is that make just as good a play.... or whatever.

Posted by: LOrion | Jul 30, 2008 4:16:12 PM

Can someone tell me why in the hell does this man have a "click to enlarge picture" function on his page?

Just who in the heck is the exhibionist here?

Posted by: a. mcewen | Jul 30, 2008 6:09:39 PM

On the site with the un-edited pics, in the last picture are some pride flags. But not in the picture of the rimjob.

Posted by: | Jul 30, 2008 6:20:32 PM

Right, anon. I saw those. But I still think it's a little unfair for you to say you "hate the nasty people who hang up gay flags and call this call this sort of thing a 'gay pride' event or whatever else." I just don't have any real evidence of folks trying to make this seem like a gay pride event.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 30, 2008 6:27:50 PM

I don't really hate them, poor choice of words. Just makes me a bit annoyed when you see people in buttless-chaps at gay pride parades, things like that. I just wish the idea of being gay wouldn't be so sexualized.

Posted by: | Jul 30, 2008 8:37:38 PM

Don't we all, anon. Because if you remove the focus on sexuality in most of the arguments used by people like Porno Pete, you essentially remove that argument altogether. If this wasn't a sexualized issue, the fundies wouldn't have leg one to stand on.

Posted by: Baldran | Jul 30, 2008 10:59:39 PM

Which is why I get particularly annoyed when gay people themselves are helping to make homosexuality into a sexualized issue. Gay pride parades are too often 'freak shows' with people behaving more outrageous than they usually do. I just feel that they often give a poor message to the ignorant straight (or newly gay/closeted) person who doesn't realize it's 'just for fun'.

(Note: As far as my use of the word 'freak shows', I'm using it to describe how a more traditional person would perceive the behavior. In fact, this is how a person I volunteered with described the gay pride parade here... not in a hurtful way, I didn't get the sense that she was homophobic, but just that people were dressing up and acting out.)

Posted by: | Jul 31, 2008 3:25:52 AM

Anon: And I think many people would go with on that journey. Discussing the state of gay pride parades is a conversation many LGBT people would surely have. But my point here remains: The organizers of this "Up Your Alley" event do not present it as anything more than a fetish/leather event. They do not present it as a "gay pride parade."

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 31, 2008 7:22:29 AM

I spilled my beer, my man Twitch didn't win So You Think You Can Dance, and the National Zoo's mama panda is going one more night of teasing us and then not delivering a cub. What an irritating night! Well, Porno Pete went and put the cherry on top, Jeremy, by name-checking you and trying to rebut your rebuttal.*

Here ya go:


*Sounds like something he thinks would make a good picture to illustrate his pro-family website with, huh?

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Aug 7, 2008 10:19:54 PM

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