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CA: A non-appeal we find appealing

by Jeremy Hooper

Good news out of California: Despite feeling that the newly reworded title is biased against their anti-gay causes, the backers of Proposition 8 have announced that they will not appeal the matter any further:

Gay Marriage Ban Supporters End Bid To Change Ballot Title [KTVU]

So there ya have it. Voters who go to the California polls will know the truth: That this measure, if passed, "eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry." And the side of inequality is just gonna deal with the cruel mirror, regardless of how unfortunate of a reflection it may throw back at their endeavors.

Regrettably, however, we do hear that Prop 8. backers will continue to try to change the wording of The Book of Human Actuality so that gays and lesbians play no worthwhile role. So that's unfortunate.

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Your thoughts

Could it be that they're starting to realize and accept that they're fighting a losing battle? Or is that still too much to hope for yet?

Posted by: Jarred | Aug 12, 2008 9:19:59 AM

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