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Referendumb: MR explains flawed and fruitless endeavor

by Jeremy Hooper

200808151741-1On Friday, we briefly told you about the radically anti-gay MassResistance group's plans to challenge the recent legislative move that opened the door to out-of-state gays wishing to marry in the Bay State. Well now MR has more fully detailed why they want to roll back this progress and restore the antiquated 1913 law, and why their attempt to force a referendum on the issue is supposedly needed. This from their website:

What this Referendum means

This is a big deal. Besides eventually stopping a horrible social experiment from being forced across the country, this sends some very strong messages.

First, it's a statement that the people of Massachusetts aren't going to just sit back and take it.
We're not going to let a small but powerful special interest be allowed to change our laws at will to push an offensive social experiment across the country. This is very important. They forced "gay marriage" on us through a radical judiciary and corrupt politicians. They think we're beaten. Well, we're not. Conversely, if we don't fight back now, they have the green light to do anything they want in the future.

Secondly, it shows the Legislature that we can do this in the future if we have to. We're not afraid to stand up to them.

And also, it shows the rest of the country that we're not going to allow the homosexual lobby to rule us.

Hmm. So by restoring a 95-year-old law that is uncommon to every other state in the union, these folks think they would be standing strong against the "homosexual lobby"? That's funny, as we would say they are standing strong against the "folks of any sexual orientation who don't see the need to keep alive needless laws that were concocted under dubious circumstances, that were ignored for several decades, which are dissimilar to the laws of every other state in the union, and which only limit the state's economic potential" lobby. But perhaps that more apt descriptor was just a little too verbose for MR's press release.

Upon this referendum's inevitable defeat, it remains to be seen if per their own stipulations, MR will be forced to admit that they are, in fact, going to "sit back and take it" and just "allow the homosexual lobby to rule." We certainly hope so, as their years of "standing up and resisting it" while trying to "allow their personal faiths to rule" has gone well beyond tiresome.

MassResistance files papers for Referendum Petition to force statewide vote on Legislature's repeal of "1913 Law" - exporting gay "marriage" across America! [MR]

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Your thoughts

Groups like this and those trying to pass Prop 8 really insult the American public. They are essentially saying, "We're smart! We see what is going on. You are too dumb to realize that the gay agenda is ruining this country."

Seriously, if you look at most of the articles these "pro"-family groups put out, you always see how America has been duped into believing that gays are normal human beings!

Mr. Caremaker - stop this stupid drive to put an antiquated law back into place and do something more constructive, like putting toothpaste back in the tube, nailing jello to a wall or pissing up a rope.

Posted by: stojef | Aug 20, 2008 12:09:27 PM

MR's flailing about is truly a pleasure to witness. To paraphrase Conan the Barbarian about what is best in life:

"To crush your political enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the nutjobs".

Posted by: John | Aug 20, 2008 1:20:49 PM

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