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Up sh*t's Creech: Rev. fosters wasteful debate by invoking waste

by Jeremy Hooper

200808181251In a piece in which he tries to justify why religion, an undeniably chosen concept, deserves to be recognized with "suspect class" status, yet sexual orientation, a concept that the reasoned body of knowledge suggests is simply a part of our biological beings, doesn't deserve such protection, Rev. Mark Creech makes this almost unbelievably offensive statement:

"To contend homosexuality or other sexually alternative practices are as worthy of special protections as religion is like saying feculence is as important to one's person or the culture as food.

Just as food is essential to the body, religion is indispensable to the soul. Only worship can satisfy the highest and noblest aspirations of human nature.

Feculence. This good Christian pastor is seriously comparing not only heterosexuality, but human sexuality in general (which is what actually falls under "sexual orientation" protection) to foul, impure, fecal matter. Never mind that people are beaten because of their sexual orientations. Never mind that people are murdered because of their sexual orientations. Never mind that people find their property damaged because of their sexual orientations. Never mind that people are not always free to protect their families because of their sexual orientations. Rev. Creech feels it perfectly acceptable to pooh pooh these protections by comparing them to, well -- pooh pooh.

We would never in a billion years try to deny anyone protections to ANYONE on the basis of religion. Religious people have demonstrably suffered all of the persecutions, biases, and discriminations that we have listed above, so this is a class that deserves to be highlighted in non-discrimination policy. But yet Mr. Creech not only finds it acceptable to gloss over the need for sexual orientation protections, but also grossly trivialize the need by likening a part of human identity to filthy waste? HOW DARE HE?!

Food, dear reverend, is not limited to just wine and a wafer. The human diet not only allows for a variety of different flavors -- its palate is stimulated by the diversity! It's fine if you want your personal pantry stocked in a certain way. But it is both unfair and, frankly, disgusting, for you to act as if our organic sexuality is deserving of a flush rather than a feast!

Religion - not 'sexual orientation' - deserves to be a specially protected class [ONN]

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Your thoughts

". . . as worthy of special protections as religion . . ."

One of the biggest frauds that these religiofascists perpetrate is that they support religious freedom. That could not possibly be further from the truth. They definitely benefit from religious freedom. But like supremacists, they want that freedom for themselves, and themselves alone. Celebrating diversity in a pluralistic society is the opposite of ideal for the radical fundamentalist especially when it comes to religious freedoms.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Aug 18, 2008 2:52:47 PM

Wow, what a piece of work. Notice that his entire rant focuses *solely* on "homosexuality or other sexually alternative practices?" Would it bother him to be reminded that sexual orientation, as a suspect class, protects him just as much as it protects sexual deviants like ourselves?

Posted by: zortnac | Aug 18, 2008 3:01:52 PM

Rev. Creech might take a different interpretation of his words if he found himself unable to defecate for a prolonged period of time. Maybe then he'd pray to God to send some feculence his (Creech's) throne's way. :)

Posted by: Timm | Aug 18, 2008 3:08:53 PM

To be perfectly fair, dear Jeremy, it must be hard to think of another simile when your head has been so far up your ass for so long.

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Aug 18, 2008 3:09:50 PM

Zortnac: It's just another of those intellectually dishonest oversights. They are willfully disingenuous for one reason: It works.

GreenEyedLilo: Teehee.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Aug 18, 2008 3:22:09 PM

Not only is everything this guy says totally untrue, but (any Red Green fans out there?) he would really upset Winston Rothchild III.

Posted by: dave b | Aug 18, 2008 3:53:27 PM

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