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Video: Propositionaganda 8

by Jeremy Hooper

This intensely frustrating video recently ran on the Christian Broadcasting Network:

Oh, where to begin? We could talk about these folks' reliably frustrating attempts to make a civil situation 100% about religion, without so much as acknowledging the separation. We can talk about how even when they say the situation extends beyond the evangelical community, they turn not to a civil rights lawyer or some sort of government official, but rather to another religious person (this one a Mormon), as if its some great outreach. We can talk about how they deny that they are being political, despite their highly divisive political endeavors (served up under the "culture war" umbrella). We can talk about the extremely annoying statement by Chris Clark -- someone who has given more than a few frustrating statements -- wherein he asserts the false claim that he is in danger of being sued for not wanting to perform the OPTIONAL religious component of a marriage ceremony. We could talk about how on his blog, Miles McPherson is far more heated about gay folks than he is in this video, even likening those who support marriage equality to the "devil who wants to destroy the church." We could talk about how these social conservatives routinely misrepresent the Ocean Grove, NJ, situation for their own political gain. We could talk about how they threaten that a hostile climate would stem from Proposition 8's defeat, yet ignore the hostile climate that they routinely foster by standing in the way of fairness for LGBT people. We could talk about the deeply offensive idea that if its just a human being and God in the voting booth together, there's no potential for the level to be pulled for pro-gay policies.

We could say any of these things to those responsible for this video. Unfortunately, it'd all be for naught, since their minds were made up long ago. So instead of saying anything to this contingent, we'll just say to the sizable body of fair-minded Californians: Please come out and do the right thing. And in the meantime, please support the resistance to this mean-spirited campaign:

No on Prop 8/ Equality For All

You could say to your grandchildren, "I forfeited my opportunity to take a stand for human rights." But why?

Christian Marriage Movement\'s Ground Zero - CBN.com [GodTube]

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Your thoughts

Does it surprise me that San Diego is becoming the top location for the "Christian Marriage Movement" in California? No. Not only is San Diego one of the most conservative counties in California, it's also home to KKK headquarters.

I'm so sick of the religious arguments against gay marriage. Separation of Church and State. The Lord doesn't belong in the voting booth - let's keep him in the church and out of the government. Thanks.

Posted by: Renee | Aug 18, 2008 6:31:34 PM

Haha, you know what's funny? You can bet that when the Mormon guy was talking and using the phrase "both Christian and non Christian," he was *not* referring to his own faith as non-christian, in fact it's a common frustration among LDS people to see people in the evangelical protestant faiths thinking of the Mormon faith as not being Christian.

But how does the video portray it?

"But hey, even this MORMON guy is on our side"

*cut to "Mormon guy"*

"a lot of people, both Christian and non-Christian..."

I would have thought that being so busy trying to shit on same-sex couples, they wouldn't have the time to take even mild swipes at their strange-bedfellow allies. Guess I was wrong.

Posted by: zortnac | Aug 18, 2008 6:37:51 PM

The absolute hubris of this crowd is astounding.

"you love someone by helping them obey god"

First, that isn't something that would happen if prop h8 passes. There is absolutely nothing about prop h8 that "helps" anyone to do anything. But, more accurately and without the phony/bullshit "compassion" they should be saying:

"rejoice, my brethren, for the day is finally upon us! A day in which we can finally trounce on the personal freedoms of a class of people that we love to hate. And, by helping to ensure that they are universally despised, WE can force our hokey beliefs onto everyone else in the process. And god will bless us by simultaneously filling our coffers to overflowing! Hallelujah! Say AMEN, and pass the plate!"

Posted by: Dick Mills | Aug 18, 2008 6:39:35 PM

John Edwards is a freaking joke to the Institution of Marriage...why aren't these assholes going after those "straight" couples that aren't following the Bible?? God is about love, understanding and respecting one another...We had 8 years of the same bullshit...using the name of God to teach HATE and Discrimination is OVER. Religious groups your time is UP!!!! No more Hate!!! No more DISCRIMINATION!!! If your Church is asking you to Hate and Discriminate...then you owe God some serious answers...and it is time for you to find a new Church and new religion!!!

Love Will Conquer Hate!!!! Vote NO on PROP 8- GOD WILL THANK YOU FOR IT!!!!!!

Posted by: Steven | Aug 18, 2008 10:34:59 PM

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