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Weak Dobson defense of the day: He's only been anti-gay some of the time

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images 200807112014In defense of James Dobson's induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame despite his discriminatory teachings that have helped to keep gay gays less-than-equal, Focus on the Family PR guy Gary Schneeberger says the following:

"The Focus on the Family broadcast was created as, and remains, a means of helping families thrive," Schneeberger said. "If you were to analyze the content of our 32 years of broadcasts, only a minuscule number deal with public-policy issues, and an infinitesimal number deal with homosexuality."

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images 200807091400-1A comment that is completely disingenuous. Yes, if you were to comb over everything that James Dobson has said over a 32 year span, then you would likely find that specific gay discussions only make up a small portion of those discussions. Especially if you consider that it's only been in the past two decades that such matters were really even discussed on a national scale. However, that does not negate that a world filled only with heterosexuals is the mindset from which Dr. Dobson has, does, and will likely continue to broadcast for the unforeseeable future. His worldview simply does not allow for LGBT men and women, and this view permeates his every broadcast.

Even if you are a Dobson defender, it's just absurd to act as if the proportional number of times he has specifically dedicated a program to homosexuality in any way lessens the scrutiny that he faces from LGBT activists. When he does dedicate programs to topics of concern to the gay community -- and in the Bush-ian era, there has certainly been an upswing in that area -- his tone is incredibly hostile to our lives and loves (even if through a veil of false compassion). This is, after all, a man whose organization runs one of the largest touring "ex-gay" shows in the nation, and who thinks such "change" is the correct prescription for a same-sex-loving person! If only 3% of his broadcasting time has been dedicated to keeping gays unmarried, unequal, unprotected, and generally vulnerable, then that is 3% too much!

Gay Activists Want Dr. Dobson Booted from Radio Hall of Fame [CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

You can use the http://www.citizenlink.org/CLtopstories/A000007920.cfm page to email SUPPORT for uninduction!

Posted by: tony | Aug 1, 2008 11:41:24 AM

And also note, Dobson may not discuss gays on a daily basis but his "Family News in Focus" does. In fact, FNIF (which airs on "Christian" radio stations throughout the nation multiple times a day) spends nearly 50% of its time during election years talking about something gay related and somewhere between 30-40% during non-election years.

Also, every time Papa Dobson euphemistically discusses "protecting marriage" et al he is talking about gays.

It gets to be so much that they should really call it "Focus on the Faggot" and "Faggot News in Focus". That way they can just quit beating around the euphemistic bush

Posted by: Jon-Marc | Aug 1, 2008 11:57:24 AM

Interesting that they didn't give Rev. Jeremiah Wright the same consideration when they boiled his 35+ year ministry down to a few ten second sound bites taken out of context.

Posted by: Zeke | Aug 1, 2008 11:47:46 PM

Someone was wondering about two articles on the web, namely "OPEN LETTER TO THE NOAH/LOT GANG" and also "DANGEROUS RADICALS OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT." I checked them out. They are nervy but interesting. What is your opinion? Clara

Posted by: Clara | Aug 5, 2008 10:53:14 PM

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