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Jackson: Gay staffer's existence boosts need to ban same

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday we saw how the Log Cabin Republicans are reacting to the "revelation" that John McCain's chief of staff is a gay man by saying it proves J. Mc to be an "inclusive" leader. But now some socially conservative Republicans are taking a completely different point of view, saying that this development proves a need for McCain-Palin to fully sign on to the gay-baning agenda. This from One News Now:

A conservative Christian pastor and political activist says the revelation that John McCain's Senate chief of staff is an open homosexual should compel the presidential hopeful and his running mate Sarah Palin to "rise up" and "unashamedly" declare their support for traditional marriage.
Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., of the High Impact Leadership Coalition says the Buse revelation is not likely to diminish McCain's support among conservatives. However, the Maryland pastor is concerned that U.S. senator has not been more vocal about the marriage amendment battles in Florida, California, and his home state of Arizona.

"That's the reason why this little thing was leaked," says Jackson. "The pro-gay, anti-church groups see themselves in a death-lock in a war -- and they hope to create a sense of disunity among Christians around [the question] 'can we really trust McCain?'"

According to Jackson, the announced "outing" of Buse is a calculated political move. "I think this attack has come at this moment because of the issues of marriage amendments in these states and the issue of a pro-family agenda," the pastor suggests. "And I wish [McCain] was more engaged positively, because he's getting the negative attack no matter what."

So tired, their logic. What next -- are they going to suggest that the ex-wife in McCain's life heightens the need for him to add a divorce ban to the constitution?!

McCain urged to be more vocal on marriage amendments [ONN]

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Your thoughts

Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of McCain's involuntary pandering to the religious right. It's so entertaining, pathetic, and playing right into Obama's hands. McCain's been damned if he does and damned if he doesn't with them since the very start, it would be a shame if he somehow managed to magnanimously rise above it now.

Posted by: JeffRob | Sep 25, 2008 4:19:58 PM

So pointing out that McCain's chief of staff is OPENLY GAY is an ATTACK?
"How dare they mention something that's, um...true! That's an outrage!"
I truly believe that homophobia makes people stupider.

Posted by: Bill S | Sep 25, 2008 4:31:19 PM

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