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Off the rails

by Jeremy Hooper

So what are the "pro-family" folks at the Campaign For Children and Families, major supporters of the attempt to ban marriage in California, saying on their "Save California" website today? Well, they are using the sexual orientation of Rob Sanchez, the late engineer at the helm of the recent tragic Metrolink crash, to make some sort of political point:

(highlighting our own)

No attempt to criticize any of Mr. Sanchez's potentially negligent actions (like texting). There's no attempt to mourn the tragedy. No, no -- "unstable homosexual" is the only point they think their readers need to know, and the real "tragedy" that everyone should apparently be mourning. Unreal.

But of course this means that we can put up a big, bold-texted exploitative headline the next time an evangelical "pro-family" Christian and 25 others tragically lose their lives in a accident. Except, wait -- oh yea, that's right: WE WOULD NEVER, EVER CONSIDERING DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT! And why? BECAUSE HUMAN LIVES AND DECENCY ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO US THAN OUR POLITICAL ENDEAVORS!

::sigh:: Can we all just go ahead and admit that the anti-gay side, in general, is simply not the nice one?! Because we can probably stomach a few more years of this so-called "culture war," but we're not sure how much of our opposition's undeserved morality-hijkacking we can take. The casting just does not fit the play!

Campaign For Children and Families [Save California]

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Your thoughts

"Unstable" from Webster's dictionary

: not stable : not firm or fixed : not constant:as
a: not steady in action or movement : irregular
b: wavering in purpose or intent : vacillating
c: lacking steadiness : apt to move, sway, or fall
d (1): liable to change or alteration (2): readily changing (as by decomposing) in chemical or physical composition or in biological activity
e: characterized by lack of emotional control

I don't see connection with the headline description.

Sounds like slanderous or libelous words to me, can't you sue for that?

Posted by: Bob Miller | Sep 18, 2008 5:42:54 PM

According to:

savecalifornia gets:
Daily Pageview : 1073

So, while it is outrageous, insensitive and exceptionally bad taste, at least there are very few who regularly view the incendiary content from these lunatics. It also does bring into specific relief the sheer magnitude of the hatred that those factions harbor. And, it makes it pretty difficult for them to make a proffer of an underlying "compassion" with such overt acts of hostility.

All that being said, I do plan to contact the PR people at Metrolink and let them know what these wackos are saying.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 18, 2008 7:51:08 PM

We love your blog. Keep up this important work!!

Posted by: Brent and Josh | Sep 18, 2008 9:28:00 PM

Thanks, boys!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Sep 18, 2008 10:29:36 PM

I am a veteran railroader with 29 years of experience in the business, all of it with one midwestern railroad. I am also a post op TS and a lesbian. When I saw this I was beyond outraged, mainly from a professional point of view. The outside world knows little to nothing about the life that Sanchez lives as a railroader just like no one other than a railroader know what I live with everyday I step on my engines.

Nor do most of them really care. I went completely Maddox on this bunch of idiots when I sent them an e-mail. The contents I won't print here because the language is quite raw.

You have no idea how enraged I am.

Posted by: Traci | Sep 18, 2008 10:52:57 PM

I think a bigger concern is how this demonstrates bias beyond "we don't like gays" to "gays shouldn't be hired."

And many of our opponents want to go even further.

Posted by: tjc | Sep 19, 2008 6:48:31 AM

Okay, I'm generally a "lurker" on this site but this one has enraged me enough to post. I am simply stunned that someone could make a connection like this. It'd be one thing if there was not a loss of life, but there was. Simply unacceptable. This hurts Proposition 8, thankfully.

Thanks for the heads up.

Posted by: Beau | Sep 19, 2008 9:09:40 AM

Looks like the insensitive bastards must have received too much negative press, because that headline is now missing from their page. I did a google search, and if they had an article behind the headline, then it is missing now as well.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Sep 21, 2008 10:53:38 PM

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