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by Jeremy Hooper

This from Mike Signorile:

Picture 19-34EXCERPT: What does John McCain’s loyal chief of staff – a man who apparently is in a long-term relationship with another man, and appears to be open about it to John McCain -- think about the fact that Sarah Palin devoutly worships at a church that promotes “converting” gays to heterosexuality? What, conversely, does she think of him? More importantly, what does John McCain think about all of this? And don’t we deserve some answers from the American media?
Over the past month I’ve been contacted by three different individuals (two of them members of the Log Cabin Republicans) claiming that McCain’s Senate chief of state, Mark Buse, is gay. None of these individuals would be quoted by name, though each described Buse as being rather “open” to those around him and to his family – in a “glass closet” rather than deeply undercover or trying to appear heterosexual.
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This from Mike Rogers:

 Good As You Images Mro-1EXCERPT: Mark Buse is not just a Chief of Staff for a homophobic United States Senator, but he is helping that Senator get elected to the White House.
Does Mark Buse fit the Barney Frank rule? Without a doubt. While McCain voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, he supports amending state constitutions defining marriage as between a man and a woman. McCain knows our country needs everyone who wants to serve in the military and he knows that DADT is wrong, yet he swings to the right on repealing it.

Worst of all, and a demonstration of his inability to act rationally and with the country's best interests at heart, he picked someone who, if she becomes president (very likely), will be the most homophobic in American history.

READ MORE: John McCain's Chief of Staff outed, wins Roy Cohn Award [blogActive]

**ALSO: Listen to some audio clips from Signorile's Sirius radio show:

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Your thoughts

AS JoeMyGod puts it THIS STORY IS EXPLODING.... and please someone find a better picture!
from: JoeMy God
Oh, this is going to be FUN. But also, UGH. We've got another scumbag traitorous Quisling self-hating homo KAPO working to beat down his fellow queers.

UPDATE: If anybody can find a better picture of Buse, please send it to me. For a guy with such a high profile job, he's done an amazing job of keeping his face out of the news.

UPDATE II: This story is exploding on Daily Kos....go see for yourself!

Posted by: LOrion | Sep 22, 2008 4:19:01 PM

He is hurting all of our civil rights...well all Republicans are as far as I am concerned. This is from DAILY KOS.
"Who is the bigger hypocrite here? Mark Buse, an openly gay man who is spending his life helping John McCain block important gay civil rights issues like marriage and adoption? Or John McCain, who obviously has no problem with gay folks, but has adopted an anti-gay platform out of political expediency ...

Not even close. Sarah Palin. Maybe Dick Cheney. Hell, the entire Republican party!

Because his efforts have contributed to the endless delays, damages and humiliations caused to gay and Lesbian Americans as we wait to achieve a full and equal status as citizens of the U.S."

Couldn't say it better and fully concur.

and and FYI...JH left some of Mike Rogers more salacious 'news' such as Buse's AIM addresses out left out of this quote above....but they can be found.

Posted by: LOrion | Sep 22, 2008 4:27:37 PM

Wow, are you serious? This should be spread all over the news. I think these people in no way live up to their ideologies and just tell the people what they want to hear. Thanks for posting this.

Posted by: Pollyanna Jacobs | Sep 22, 2008 4:58:57 PM

The self loathing must be incredible.

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Sep 22, 2008 9:59:06 PM

How does a man reach his age and his position of influence
and have such a foul image of himself? Such self-hate is so very sad, alarming and downright pathetic.

Posted by: Chfris Holden | Sep 23, 2008 9:19:07 AM

This comment was just added to Blog Active: It definitely has its points, and may be attests to the complete ignorance of the MSM on this issue.

Amazing how you so quickly want to trash and demolish this guys good name! Shame on all of you! He has as much right to privacy as anyone else does. I hear all the spouting. Fact is: Bill Clinton implemented 'Don't ask, Don't tell' (a Democratic president). Also, when have Democrats ever REALLY went to bat for you? The ONE person who believed in gay rights was Hillary Clinton and I watched as she was turned into a She-Bitch by MANY in the gay community. Go ahead, believe your Obama. If you think he gives a damn about your queer ass, you've got a rude awakening!!! My major point is - EVERYONE deserves PRIVACY!!! We live in America. MANY in the gay community are even MORE ruthless than those in the straight world. No one wants to try to get along, they just want to smash & destroy. I'm a 41 y.o. gay man living in a small southern town. I have been living with HIV for 7 years. I am open to friends & family who are accepting but I dare not SCREAM out for FEAR of being bashed! I mind my own business. I work and take care of a home for myself. How dare you think I'm NOT entitled to privacy. I've faced humiliation, discrimination and exclusion but I continue to press on because I believe we are all fantastic individuals. If you don't like James Dobson, take it out on HIM, I'm VERY SURE that Mr. Mark Buse does NOT care for him, as well! How can we expect ANYONE to care for us as individuals when we become the haters! This is why people will NEVER unite. No one wants to put the common good together for us all. Give this man SOME RESPECT!!!

Posted by: LOrion | Sep 23, 2008 11:41:24 AM

I know I'll be alone in this... but here goes:

I'm delighted that Mark Buse has the ear of John McCain. And I know that it infuriates the anti-gays.

We all know that those folks who know and respect gay people are more likely to favor equality and freedom for gays.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are those who are high up in Republican politics who are pressuring very hard for McCain to appeal to anti-gay attitudes. I am absolutely certain that he's been told that he simply must run anti-marriage ads in order to fire up the base.

But he hasn't.

And I suspect that Buse has been instrumental in keeping the McCain campaign from running an anti-gay campaign (though, from all reports, McCain wouldn't want to anyway).

Now it's really easy to call Buse a kapo or claim he's self-loathing or assume he's selling out his community. But I suspect that he is really highly instrumental in insuring that this presidential season is not about beating up on gays in the midwest.

And I thank God (and Buse) for that.

OK, now all y'all haters can start in on me. :)

Posted by: Timothy | Sep 23, 2008 4:56:24 PM

"My major point is - EVERYONE deserves PRIVACY!!! We live in America. MANY in the gay community are even MORE ruthless than those in the straight world. No one wants to try to get along, they just want to smash & destroy"

I totally agree - everyone deserves their privacy.

But unfortunately, McCain and his minions don't feel the same way. They're of the "your business is MY business" and "your bedroom activities must be cleared through me first" mindset.

McCain is NOT aligned with the guns/personal property/personal business republicans of yesteryear. That part of the republican party is pretty much dead - and I feel sorry for a hetero friend of mine, who IS that kind of republican. Even I share many of the oldschool republican values - but they're of no use to the current republican party of today.

Like my friend is aware of, the republican party has been hijacked by the nuttiest fringe of "fundamentalist christians". Just like the democrat party has been hijacked by some of the most annoying liberals you'll ever meet.

Posted by: Scott | Sep 24, 2008 6:43:05 PM

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