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REVELATION: We think gays should listen to Love Won Out's message

by Jeremy Hooper

Love Won Out is pro-gay. Love Won Out believes that gays should be accepted for who they are. Love Won Out could be featured at same-sex weddings. Love Won Out's words are sincere. We truly like that Love Won Out exists.

But don't worry, fellow fans of queer equality. We're not talking about Focus on the Family's Love Won Out "ex-gay" program that tours the country with its unscientific nonsense about "curing" gays. No, no -- we're talking about this Love Won Out, a song penned by a singer/songrwriter named Tokyo Rosenthal:

Singer/Songwriter Pens Gay Marriage Anthem "Love Won Out" [PR-USA]

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Your thoughts

Thank God. I was reading through the intro paragraph and thought, "Alright, hacked the site?"

Posted by: Alle | Sep 24, 2008 9:12:09 PM

That song was the coolness. :)

Posted by: Bill S | Sep 25, 2008 4:42:22 PM

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