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VALUES VOTERS 2008: Bachmann turns on overdrive

by Jeremy Hooper

200809120939-1-1Every politico has a historical moment that will forever inform and inspire their political lives. For some it might be MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech or John F. Kennedy's legendary inaugural address. Reagan's "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" did the trick for others. And for people of this generation, the unprecedented primary face off between Obama and Clinton might live on in their minds as a turning point, when two glass ceilings were cracked by two very inspiring individuals.

But for Congresswoman Michelle Bachmman, it was none of the above. Instead it was the day that a whole slew of folks went to the polls primarily so they could foist their personal views of morality into their state's most precious governing documents in a way that served to dehumanize their fellow citizens who happen to be gay:

(If embedded audio doesn't load for you, you can listen to it here)

So glad the sharp, painful, galling personal mindf*ck that their consciousness jabbed into our consciousness at least provided them some joy! We remember curling up into a ball and sobbing uncontrollably while chanting, "Why do these people have it out for us so much?" in ways quite different. But hey -- different stroked, different folks.

Another highlight of Bachmman's address? Bachmann's unique views on the science behind stem cell research:

(If embedded audio doesn't load for you, you can listen to it here)

Seems a bit too church-connected for public policy. But hey, it's not like she's in the running towards leading the free world or anything...


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Your thoughts

Being from MN, I feel the need to apologize on behalf of my state for her. She is truly a gem, isn't she? Although, honestly she is so OUT there, that I think she can be an asset. For example during the RNC, CNN had her on regarding the Palin debacle. There was a very entertaining exchange between her and James Carville, where James was questioning Palin's qualifications, and Bachmann responding that all this questioning of her minimal qualifications was offensive to women. Right Michelle, had Sarah been male we would have accepted his short lived experience, and the fact that he has only left the country once, with open arms. Anyway, again sorry for Bachmann. My friends and I (who are not in her district btw) like to think that she can do little harm being one of 435 members of Congress. We actually think she did more harm as one of our state senators. If she's gotta be somewhere, I guess I prefer it there!

Posted by: Beau Larson | Sep 12, 2008 4:47:01 PM

Beau - my sentiments exactly.

I've just recently moved from her MN district 6 north to district 8, but at least I had the pleasure of voting against her in 2006. She's such an embarrassment. From hiding in the bushes at the anti-marriage rally to claiming somebody locked her in the bathroom to trying to rename I494/694 the Ronald Reagan Beltway I'm at least glad that she's staying pretty much under her rock lately.

Posted by: dave b | Sep 13, 2008 5:30:24 PM

i'm from up duluth way now but am embarassed as shit as well. there's a blog www.dumpbachmann.com that keeps track of her bs. pretty good stuff.

Posted by: c-freak | Sep 16, 2008 12:42:03 PM

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