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Anti-gay, anti-Clay

by Jeremy Hooper

One thing refreshing about Clay Aiken's coming out has been the virtual lack of "controversy" surrounding the Picture 1-201announcement. Despite his appeal with audiences that conventional wisdom might tell us are less-accepting, the reaction to the entertainer's gay revelation has mostly ranged from "Duh!" to "Who cares?" In many ways it's been a very post-gay de-closeting.

Well leave it to the Concerned Women For America to buck the trend of casual acceptance. In a newly-penned piece, CWA intern Leah Hird follows the "pro-family" organization's trend of turning gay molehills into anti-gay mountains by saying things like:

"...not only have the media and celebrities misunderstood bravery, they have also misunderstood identity. An identity involves attributes of a person's personality, like perfectionism or honesty. Being homosexual is not a mark of identity; it is a behavior."


"... homosexuals and their proponents often accuse those who see homosexuality as an immoral and unhealthy lifestyle of rejecting homosexuals for "who they are," of denying homosexuals their "basic human rights," and of being "homophobes." The truth is that they have rejected a behavior as one would reject lying, stealing, murder, substance abuse, and all other behaviors that prove destructive to an individual and detrimental to society.

As Matt Barber, former policy director for cultural issues at Concerned Women for America, explains, 'Throughout society, homosexual activists demand that homosexual behaviors not only be 'tolerated,' but celebrated.' If we as Christians are not discerning, we can be mislead by the media's coverage of homosexuality.

Simply stated, God says the act of homosexuality is wrong. Period. Bravery and acceptance have nothing to do with it. True bravery lies in turning from such immoral behavior to the God who so patiently waits to forgive us.

Clearly a Ruben Studdard fan, that Leah Hird! But oh well. If Clay candle Simon Cowell, over-obsessive Claymates, and multiple headline puns involving the word "Aiken," he can certainly weather the wrath of a Discrimination Inc. trainee.

Rejecting the Act, Not the Man [CA]

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Your thoughts

God said divorce was wrong and that He hates it. What hypocrisy.

Posted by: Kevin Kaatz | Oct 8, 2008 5:38:38 PM

Thanks, Kevin.

That is what I was thinking too. O, wait, divorce is widely accepted. Does that mean the CWA will (after destroying same sex relationships) be out to make divorce TOTALLY illegal? After all, the Bible is very clear about divorce (not good).

just my 2 cents :)


Posted by: aj | Oct 8, 2008 7:22:04 PM

I love the fact that there is so little 'noise' about Clay coming out. I have friends who came out before their first album...not accepted yet. I just wish many other ''we know who they are' gay entertainers would come out ... and just let their audiences, some of whom have been fans for 40+ years (I am thinking of two specifically) just have to acknowledge...'what they've always known.'..Just like parents do.

From what I can see, coming out is a bit like successfully quitting a habit... it requires a whole differeent mindset to make it seem like a good and CORRECT thing to DO... and, of course, there are many 'levels' to coming out, not everyone has to do it on the cover of PEOPLE.

But then again...why not??? Well here comes COMING OUT DAY! So we'll see who has gotten brave or mad enough or perhaps more positively fallen in LOVE and wants to announce it to the world this weekend.

Posted by: LOrion | Oct 8, 2008 8:17:27 PM

Those silly Patrick Henry College students. From sheltered schooling at home to sheltered schooling at college to sheltered interning at CWA.

I read this earlier today and am glad you covered it. Thanks Jeremy.

Now, what about Anne Rice on Daddy D's show the past two days?

Posted by: Jon-Marc | Oct 8, 2008 10:29:59 PM

Hey, I noticed they said "Former" when talking about Matt Barber. Did I miss something? I thought he was still their policy director.

Posted by: Piper | Oct 9, 2008 12:32:10 AM

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