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Audio: Teens being lied to

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 3-151A few weeks back, we gave you some insight into iProtectMarriage, a site that attempts to convince California's young people that same-sex unions are of the Devil, and so they should therefore reject them by voting for Proposition 8. Well last night the site sponsored a simulcast rife with Christian rock, propaganda, and nasty anti-gay sentiment hidden behind a veil of false compassion. You can listen to the whole event here:

(If embedded audio doesn't load for you, you can listen to it here)


AUDIO SOURCE: "Fine Line" rally [iProtectmarriage]

**Points of note:
200810021228-Around the 34 minute mark, current San Diego Chargers player Jacques Cesaire and current NFL free agent Akbar Gbaja-Biamila come out in support of Prop 8.

-Around 45:25, Christian apologist Sean McDowell compares marriage equality to 9/11

-Around 53:30, professional "ex-gay" Yvette Schneider connects "sexual orientation" with pedophilia, bestiality, incest, etc. Also, beginning around 1:09, she completely misrepresents the current status of research, definitively stating: "There is no scientific proof that people are born gay. Even the gay researchers themselves admit that no one is born gay. Scientists agree that it is a combination of factors that contribute to someone developing homosexual attractions."

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