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Because Iowa u an update on Hawkeye State equality

by Jeremy Hooper

This from the AP:

Nunst022DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa Supreme Court says it will hear arguments in a case challenging the state's law banning gay marriage.

The court on Friday announced it will hear oral arguments in the case on Dec. 9. Both sides will be given 30 minutes to present their arguments.
Supreme Court schedules gay marriage hearing [AP via Chi Trib]

So you know what that means, social conservatives: Only 67 shopping-for-just-the-right-ways-to-mask-unconstituional-discrimination-behind-a-veil-of-child-and-family-protection days until your holiday court date!

Sheesh, time flies, doesn't it? In no way does it seem like a full year has passed since those folkss last decked the halls of justice with bias!

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