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Call us crazy, but we actually enjoy properly trained professionals

by Jeremy Hooper

Johnny and Sally are playing on the playground, minding their own business. Along comes Timmy, the schoolyard bully. Timmy sees that Sally and Johnny are too clean for his liking, so he decides to throw a pile of mud at their untarnished clothing. Sally and Johnny, totally pissed at the unprovoked attack, stand up and start screaming at the mean little boy. "Why did you do that?" they plead. "What did we ever do to you?" they demand. "Why can't you just leave us alone?" they both wanna know.

Johnny and Sally aren't going to take this lying down. They hop up from the seesaw on which they'd been sitting and start walking towards the area where all the teachers are hanging out. Only problem? The perennially misunderstood Sally and Johnny are not the most popular kids in the class. In fact, they have been shunned by the majority of their peers, whereas Timmy's bullying ways have been emboldened by most of the other children. So as soon as the other kids see an enraged Sally and Johnny making their way toward the authority figures, they all huddle behind their pal Timmy and threaten to stop the muddy little duo from telling on their friend. They even give themselves the name "pro-Timmy," even though it's clear to anyone who's paying attention that they are really anti-Sally/Johnny.

Johnny and Sally are not surprised by this "pro-Timmy" rally. It's totally clear to the two bright youngsters why Timmy & Co. don't wanna let the teachers decide who is right and who is wrong in matters like this one. After all, the teachers have been trained to handle such matters. They are the authority figures for a reason -- because they understand how to do their job and how to implement current school policy. They had to undergo certain training in order to reach their positions, and, ideally, they've been properly vetted by the appropriate channels before being placed in their roles. So the "pro-Timmy" side knows that an independent core of fair-minded teachers would put an end to their cruel fun. To combat this, Team Timmy has even spread a campaign of disinformation among other schools, wherein they tell their peers that teachers are totally unfair and that, if allowed to use their expertise to weigh in on schoolyard matters, children everywhere will be robbed of their voices. They realize that they have to deny the teachers of their power at all costs, or else their mud-slinging days will go the way of the dodo.

And now that we've said all that, we bring you these quips from Focus on the Family's Timmy Bruce Hausknecht:

"Four arrogant justices not only redefined marriage in Connecticut but reversed the will of the people," ... "Americans are tired of being told by judges they know what's best for them.

"Same-sex 'marriage' now exists in three states comprising more than 46 million citizens, and only 12 of those citizens — four justices in each state — had a voice in the decision."

Draw your own parallels.

Judicial Attacks on Marriage Continue [Citizenlink]

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Your thoughts

One thing that they conveniently forget to mention is that the 6.5 million people in Massachusetts have had 4 years of same-sex marriage, and there has been no mass (no pun intended) revolt against it. Aside from a few radical religious fanatics, the people of the state seem content with living peacefully in a pluralistic and inclusive society. And, if those radical religious fanatics weren't complaining about same-sex marriage, then they would simply find something else to complain about and all to serve their agenda.

I manage to sleep at night, comfortable in my conclusion (delusion perhaps) that their agenda is simply to gain wealth and/or stroke their overgrown egos. And, that someday (hopefully in the not too distant future), that we will become a less politically expedient target for them.

But, more than that, that our society as a whole is becoming less gullible and more skeptical of the motives of the radical religious fanatics. While that may be too much to hope for, the people of Massachusetts (at least) seem to be headed in the right direction.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Oct 14, 2008 2:26:00 AM

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