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Gay existence in general: That's 'The Call's true hang up!

by Jeremy Hooper

So earlier we told you how James Dobson will be appearing at this weekend's frighteningly over-the-top evangelical event, "The Call." But now let's take a closer look at the gay-shunning soiree. Watch this video and we'll get back to you:

Alright, so we want to examine one part in particular: the section where the highlight all of society's "problems." This part:

Now, let's look at what we have here:

Someone getting beaten down (a scene that gay folks know all too well, by the way):
Picture 3-165
Picture 4-186
More guns (which we thought their side was all for, by the way):
Picture 5-167
Picture 6-164
Picture 7-142
More abortion:
Picture 8-113
Sex shops:
Picture 9-105

[two scenes that we'll come back to in a second]

The 9/11 tragedy:
Picture 12-71
Online porn:
Picture 13-60
VA Tech tragedy:
Picture 14-59

Okay, so they've highlighted social issues that matter to them. Whether or not you view some of them as "problems" depends on your own views, but view among us would debate that the highlighted items are contentious social issues. And some of them, of course, are non-debatably tragic. The whole scene is meant to invoke the idea that society needs fixing.

But now let's go back to the two scenes that we redacted. They are:

A (presumably) gay dude waving a pride flag:
Picture 10-101
The Episcopal church demonstrating a welcoming view of gay people:
Picture 11-100

These scenes demonstrate nothing more than acceptance. They both highlight the fact that while LGBT people may still have obstacles to overcome before they will be able to fully live in benign, non-controversial peace. They don't even show a same-sex marriage, adoption, or any other gay life aspect that the "pro-fams" choose to shun. They simply show people living their lives openly. And that, to the evangelicals behind "The Call," is reason enough to file them between sex shops and 9/11!

These "pro-family" evangelicals claim that they are only out to "protect" marriage, children, and society from alteration. However, scenes like this serve to more fully bear out the truth behind their false front. What they want is the total elimination of our public visibility. To them, any and every bit of gay imagery is suitable for decrial. it's not about marriage, it's not about family, it's not about schools, it's not about tradition, it's not about protection. Their "gay 9/11" is the mere fact that LGBT people are ever-more able to live their lives in peace!

These folks may label this push to eliminate queer visibility "The Call." We just wish the tone didn't have such an eradicatory ring to it!

**SEE ALSO: PFAW has done an exhaustive piece on "The Call" and its extremist leader, Lou Engle:

Prop 8's Call to Extremism [PFAW]

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Your thoughts

We are the scurge of the earth and nothing will be holy and sanctified till we are removed, that's basically the message, all warped in a meaningless bow of "god loves you" (probably while getting batten down by the group from the top picture).

If you can't do it through religion do it through politics

Posted by: Patrick B | Oct 30, 2008 11:43:48 AM

Oooooohhhh, cool! It's the plastic fetus dude from Jesus Camp!

Posted by: MeltedRubberSoul | Oct 30, 2008 2:02:38 PM

oh flying spaghetti monster give us peas. our hands they reach up to the sky, we rock ourselves cross legged and shout your name.

Posted by: John Ozed | Oct 30, 2008 2:29:31 PM

Ironic that they used the Episcopal church image. These Dominionists and third wavers have no use for mainstream Christian churches, especially ones that welcome gay people.

To counter TheCall our local Episcopal Cathedral here in San Diego is staging its own event concurrently:

"To counter TheCall event at Qualcomm, No on 8 has scheduled a "Making the Right Call" rally at St. Paul's Cathedral, an Episcopal church at 2726 Sixth Ave., next to Balboa Park.

"Making the Right Call" will also begin at 10 a.m. Saturday."


BTW: John Ozed, I contacted the Prophet (Praise and saucy goodness be upon his name) of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster a few days ago to ask that FSM endorse a NO vote on Prop 8. I'm still waiting for an answer.



Posted by: Mike Tidmus | Oct 30, 2008 5:14:36 PM

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