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GIVEAWAY: 'L' is for 'Legal love loyalists'

by Jeremy Hooper

The L Word S5 SmThe complete fifth season of "The L Word" doesn't come to DVD until tomorrow, but we can give you a chance to win the set for free today. We are, however, gonna make you work for a piece of this Pieszecki pie.

Here's the deal: The ladies of "L" are all denizens of West Hollywood. This being the case, they surely have a vested interest in seeing the defeat of the uber-nasty Proposition 8. So if you the viewer want to be a part of their fictional lives, we think you should also be doing all you can to ensure that California's real-life Bettes and Shanes have the freedom to marry the person of their choosing. Which is why for this particular DVD giveaway, we want to hear what you have done to defeat Prop 8.

-Have you donated a sizable amount of cash?

-Have you phone banked or canvassed for the cause?

-Have you made a kick-ass anti-8 web video?

-Have you compiled a e-list of more than 100 California friends and acquaintances and made sure that you can count on their "NO!" vote?

-And if you have yet to do anything: What will you vow to do in the next eight days send this nasty proposition to the dust heap of history?

We want to hear your commitment. In 500 words or less, shoot us a message and tell us what you have done. Inspire us with your creativity. Make us see new and unique real world ways that one can battle bias. Make us laugh or make us cry. Make us think. Make us step up our own games. In addition to the free DVDs, the winning entires will be highlighted in a special G-A-Y post (either credited or anonymously -- your choice), giving you the chance to expand your reach and inspire others.

In every civil rights battle there are countless unsung heroes, and we're certain that the Prop 8 fight is no different. So this is just our little way to give credit (and swag) to the non-famous voices who are the backbone of this movement, which will hopefully provoke others to rise up in this crucial next week and give all that they can to this righteous rights fight.

Send your entries to [email protected].

*For more on the show: The L Word [Sho.com]

"THE L WORD returns to DVD with THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON on October 21ST in a collectible 4-disc set. DVD includes all 12 dramatic and deliciously provocative Fifth season episodes from Showtime's successful long-running series featuring all the beauty, chaos and complexities of a group of women who inhabit Los Angeles' lesbian community plus behind-the-scenes special features."
© 2008 Showtime Networks Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Your thoughts

I was at a Huntington Beach, CA Prop 8 rally on Sunday. The No on 8 folks were definitely in the minority, but we tried to make up for it with energy and enthusiasm. I was also at a large rally on Saturday at the corner of PCH and Crown Valley in Laguna Beach, CA. Again, the No on 8 supporters were in the minority (20 of us, 200 of them), but we received a great response from the folks going by. And when I head out tonight, I'm sure it'll be the same thing - lots of Yes on 8 folks who are well-organized, have a mountain of professionally printed signs, and have bumper stickers, magnets, and pins to give away. And standing amongst them will be a handful of enthusiastic No on 8 folks doing their best to be seen and heard.

It's apparent to me that (at least in Orange County) we've dropped the ball in a big way and we need to do everything we can between now and November 4th. And we need everyone's help. Get to every rally you can, call your friends and family and remind them to vote No on 8. Blog. Get some yard signs and plant them in and around your neighborhood. Donate money. Already have? Donate more. If you don't live in California, but know someone who does, please please please call them today.

It's obvious that Prop 8 has a very good chance of passing. This is a historic moment for the GLBT community and we must not let Prop 8 pass.

The Obama campaign headquarters in Laguna Beach has No on 8 yard signs and placards (at least they did on Saturday).
And you can download printable 8x11" signs here:

For rally locations, check myspace, facebook or go to the Politics section for your city on Craigslist.



Posted by: Mark | Oct 27, 2008 11:24:56 AM

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