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Marriage. God. Morality. The ways they try to rob us are ENDLESS!

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 9-98Sometimes we think they've been telling their lies long enough, that they've managed to lock their fallacy into their minds as truth. Other times we think they've simply exalted political opportunism above accurate assessment. But whatever the impetus for their untruth, chicanery is certainly the order of the day for the "protect marriage crowd.

Speaking about San Francisco governor Gavin Newsom and his opposition to Prop. 8, the supporters of the cruel and discriminatory measure have posted the following to their "Yes on 8" blog:

While attempting to appear as nothing more than a selfless activist for equality, Newsom expressed that he was just trying to ensure that Prop. 8 “doesn’t rob thousands and thousands of newly married couples of the ability to express their lifelong commitment and responsibility for each other.”

This is somewhat amusing considering the fact that Prop. 8 will not “rob” anyone of anything. Gay couples in domestic partnerships have and will continue to have the same legal rights as married spouses. We’re not here to stop anyone from expressing their commitment or responsibility to another. We’re simply here to protect the definition of marriage to what the majority of California voters (and all of history) have decided it should be - a union between a man and a woman.

Picture 10-91Proposition 8 will not rob anyone of anything? Well this writer's six-year-old nephew can see the bullshit-iness of that! In fact, he would LIVE it, since one of the things Prop. 8 would mean is that my Spring '09 California wedding would have to be moved to Massachusetts instead!

But other than just a change of venue in my own life, Prop. 8 would return California's system of recognizing gay unions back to one that is simply unequal to marriage equality. In addition to marriage being the universally recognized currency of legal commitment, returning marriage to a DP system would mean returning gay couples to a state of non-parity in areas like: out-of state recognition, medical decision-making, inheritance taxes, survivor benefits, family leave, spousal and child support, immigration, etc. And, obviously, it would mean the state of California altering its most precious governing document so that is EXPLICITLY speaks out against the state's gay and lesbian citizens. So on that token, it also robs all of us (gay, straight, and otherwise) of forward progress in the areas of fairness and respect!

Of course the "protect marriage" side wants to mask that this would rob Rob & Rob. Robbing is understood as a negative, and they operate on a plain where they work day and night to ensure that their morally-sanct poo comes out smelling like a rose. But those of us who are truly affected by the robbery are not sitting back and taking the flat-out lies. We will unapologetically tell anyone who will listen that when it comes to marriage equality, these folks are Robin Hood. Except instead of robbing from the rich to give to the poor, they are robbing every peace-loving, fair-minded man, woman, and child so that they can propagate a world of unfair moral superiority. FOR SHAME!

Newsom Decries Our Yes on 8 Ad ‘Absurd’ [Yes on 8 blog]

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