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Moronic initiative and its unduly Mormon-ic fuel

by Jeremy Hooper

Hey, is anyone else getting sick of the Mormon church taking an extortionate role in deciding the fate of CIVIL marriage equality for everyone? We certainly are:

Young Mormons urged to join fight against gay marriage in California [SL Tribune]
Mormons renew calls for Calif. gay marriage ban [AP via Google]
Mormon Giving Against Gay Marriage In Calif. Tops $19 Million [On Top]

We could not care less about any Mormon practices that some might see as odd. We have no desire to influence the church on their matters of governance. We don't discuss their exclusive temple wedding practices, and how non-Mormon parents of one of the marrying parties are often shut out from seeing their child wed. We rarely to never thrown their polygamous past in the church's fate. Heck, we consider "Big Love" to be appointment TV. But yet they are dedicating their days, nights, and bank accounts to destroying our CIVIL, CIVIL, CIVIL, CIVIL -- did we mention civil? -- equality?!

In Latter Day America, "religious freedom" is being damned. And to determine whose doing the damning, one need only look to those who are doing the most finger pointing.

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Your thoughts


This just serves to confirm my resolve that it's time for ALL "religions" and "associates" who try to set the politics for the rest of us - catholic, mormon, AFA and all their ilk - should lose their tax exemption - - since they want to rule the world - and pay their long over-due fair share of taxes which will lighten the rest of our tax burdens. I also have a much more radical idea in mind :-) ........................

Posted by: tom | Oct 10, 2008 10:00:21 AM


I couldn't agree with you more! People go to church to worship - NOT for a live Fox News "sermon".

But I wouldn't stop with yanking the tax-exempt status from the church - I'd also suggest (and this would be first on the list) the tax-exempt "ministries", such as Exodus International.

I find it appalling that Exodus and other "ex-gay" organizations can be tax exempt, and linking to materials from a holocaust revisionist at the same time - in addition to their involvement in politics (when Alan Chambers said Exodus would back off from politics, which they haven't).

If this can be allowed, then so should pro-GLBT organizations who are political about stopping "ex-gay" groups like Exodus. It's only fair.

Not to mention it's appalling that the "ex-gay" salary is paid for by the taxpayers - just to stand around yapping about "leaving the gay lifestyle", when the "gay lifestyle" is all they ever talk about, obsessively.

Posted by: Scott | Oct 10, 2008 2:12:54 PM

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